Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pink Book Red Lips

Project for a book Red Lips 4 Courage/ Eileen Paulinn

Leaves of Grass, Repurposed Candle table runner

I'll let you know where you'll be able to find instructions for these projects designed for Krylon as they become available to me. I also need to get a picture of the table runner that is the over the door sign (deleted the use of the candle cups and placed letters behind- PEACE)
Photography by Rossi Studio

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Krylon Repurposed projects

Recognize the old lighting fixures?! The P-E-A-C-E sign (individual letters in metal runner) is with the same this but smaller and socket rounds removed. LOVE the Oil Rubbed Bronze Brushed Metallics. The other a little old medicine cabinet now a converted CD Wall holder. Uses the Brushed Nickel in the Brushed Metallic Line. All are primed white first. I'll give you specific information about the magazines these will appear in when I find out. Things like this will be talked about in my upcoming interview on www.indiepublic.com- June 5!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Egg Nest Feather Bird

From Boutique collection:
Egg Nest Feather Bird designs

There is a companion piece to this design I plan to post later. It may be my most favorite from the boutique collections.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Light at the end of the Tunnel

This has been the craziest month I can remember ever having. I've had lots of months with tons of work needing done etc. But nothing this fragmented and all over the map both personally and professionally. Don't have any idea why everything has converged but it has. Crazy. Would you like to hear the list? Probably not but I can't help but add it up for my own morbid curiosity.
(June 29 note- I'm not even going to add the last few days...I just don't have the heart.)
This month, THIS month!
3 deaths (3!) (mercifully none in our near family in case anyone wonders. But still.)
1 new Granddaughter birth!
1 911 call in the middle of the night/ Cougar screams (I thought it was a woman!)
1 big upset, (unrelated to calling 911)
1 cow being shot /slaughtered outside our back door (color me surprised when I heard the bullet!!),
2 Dear dear friends 50th bday celebrations, (fun at Diamond Lake!! & Got called to decorate for the other at the last minute- HOT LOOK though, I'm tellin ya- Parisian inspired)
Special prep for Gabe's 1st bday (seriously- Curious George- of course. Which, BTW- is impossible to find locally, flat out impossible.
30+ pieces Krylon concepted, sketched, sourced, executing,
3 classes set up/ San Diego (thank you Lisa Bebi!)
Concepting a 10 year Shop celebration for a shop I display in
last but certainly Not least!!
Italy Workshop stuff, working with the amazing Lisa Bebi again (!) Really fun things to think about. (& check out her "pimp my spleen" blog on my sidebar - which is a crack up! & Somerset Studios.)
A Photo shoot that just may send me to my grave. . . (more on that later- can't wait for you to see- but try to look past all the blood- hahahah)
It's life- ALL of it- and I'm trying to embrace it all. But, admittedly, I'm really looking forward to the "end of the month" and the deadlines being over.
thanks for listening.
Hugs all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing the unstoppable Lauren James!

This is my dear friend Lauren James. It's her birthday and we're celebrating at Diamond Lake this evening. She and Ed will be bringing the show The Greatest Generation a Musical tribute. Just wanting to say Happy Birthday Lauren and I hope you enjoy your birthday and it's as special as you are! much love and hugs!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

while I'm waiting for this to dry. . .

this can happen

Hit this area with a little shredded ribbon at chandelier top (watch for flames from candles if you do this!!) I may switch out the vintage paper that's inserted only into the cabinet again but decided to make a speedy change for now. (Was leafy print before) Note the terra pot I sprayed holding bath products on the tubs right side. Keep the colors moving around the space...I replaced the Astillbe at the tub end, it grows pretty fast so I thought this size was good.

Needed some blue so I hit it with some Ocean Blue again around the cab edges....super duper fast

Started out with the cabinet a soft green only. Hit it with some gold around the edges. Inserted vintage wall paper panel all speedy like. Now, I'm back to the canvases!

paper on, lightening quick golden edges

Friday, June 12, 2009

learning brushes, going horizontal

This picture as a base for photoshop wasn't chosen for it's composition or styling. It was taken as a test shot for my previous camera at the time. But i wanted to work with something horizontal since I've been wanting to create a new blog banner since first setting up this site. This is a fun little playground that I chose randomly from my gallery. The space in the window longs for something special. The darkness in the window worked against me as I tried to add an ornamental cross there. This figure is the one of my moms and I look at it as a touch stone for my love for her. The cross would be symbolic of her faith and something I use a lot in my studio for the iconic beauty and my own personal inspiration.
But enough of this- it's time to get back to real work again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remnant Craft

The little box on the left is a simple little box that had been used to spray glue and add glitter to something...bread cubes (the "host". sortof. well it's kindof hard to explain) I've added gold trim cording around the little diorama and placed a little deer inside along with a beautiful little card by Papaya! The cream areas in the box are simply folded and twisted remnant pieces of tracing paper. Gold accents are tossed in. Simple beauty in and of itself. Photoshop embellishments kindof take over but I couldn't resist playing.The frame is the only one I seem to be able to find. It leaves a little to be desired but I do like having finished edges here.

Filling in some blanks

Things continue to get crazier all the time around here. I've been swamped with work and now that little baby Hazel is here we're all off & running! (And, did I mention that our little Gabe is turning one soon?) It's going to be so special too. Gabe's so funny and fun now. He kept staring at me in the rearview mirror yesterday. Each time I looked he'd laugh and smile and say HI! It's the first real communication we've been having...so I'm thrilled. He's awesome and such a nice little boy with a sweet disposition. Happy all the time.

I've got several projects in the pipeline and have been waiting for the sun to come out longer than a few minutes so I can get some serious painting done. Most things are gathered for this latest job from Krylon with things rougly halfway done. There are many pieces, 30ish+.
Packing will be a big job with all the glass & terra cotta going out.

In the meantime, trying to tie up loose ends as they develop on out of town classes for 2010. RIght now I'm set to be teaching in San Diego in April in a few different places. One is the Escondido Arts Gallery. The other place is very cool store called the Stamp Addict. My friend and super super talented artist Lisa Bebi (see the sidebar- pimp my spleen blog- which is a riot!) She extended an invitation and has really facilitated my teaching in her area. I appreciate that! Many of you know Lisa Bebi from Somerset Studios and their many publications. She is an artist on call for them. Check her out.

And, with Lisa there is really big news on the horizon- of her own and jointly! We're having fun working on some things together. More on that later!!! It should be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it!

Also writing and taking more jpgs of my office space...can't wait to share more with you here about all that!!

I hope to find a blog calendar gadget for an efficient read of events for those interested.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Slightly different Original Canvas

Can be enlarged by clicking on this picture, not on sidebar.

Winning the Harmony Sweepstakes! (there's a story there)

This is little Hazel Marie George, my son Austin and Diana's pretty little baby girl only a few moments old.
She was born on June 5th, weighed in at 7 lbs and .02 oz. A true sweetheart! & Healthy and peaceful, what a great combo.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Interview is up- check it


Here is the link for the indie public interview. Some of my secrets for designing with recycles for magazines and clients is shared. Be sure to share this with other green minds! (& Be sure to scroll to the bottom and hit the link!)

mid point in painting process pictures

This is the BEFORE:

Below: here I'm at mid-point in painting process - painting in the stone line suggestions. At this point the base coat has been painted, (Alexandria Biege Pottery Barn) another ligher layer has been added in, back and forth, random random with the roller. . .
Above: Still in process at this point but getting closer. (don't need no stinkin' ladder)
Note: the blocked and filled doorway.

Part of the process TIP
On newspaper roller off the pan marks- the marks will transfer (but the marks a great for effect used sparingly on other projects)

I wanted to show you the before of this little problem. The finished picture of this area will be taken when I head over there to install the ornamental burlap photo wall insert. It will be inserted into the blocked off doorway shown in the first picture above. You'll see later on how this second unslightly issue has been solved. Sooo cute!

But the first- this switch box presents a fun little place for a picture. Picked up just the right one at Ross. The back of the picture itself will be glued to a flat wooden spacer for projection, to "connect" the door on the switches (seen above) She'll simply have to swing open the frame from the wall to access her switches.

above: this is the second step in creating the stone wall look. Laying some dimension in (and heck, maybe that's what Johannah is doing below too- who knows???)

This is a pretty good color rendition of the wall. We're still looking for a nice little shelf unit to place over the little corner cabinet and removing the long shelf there but a working girl has got to have a place for her products! The last phase will be painting the work counter cabinets and it will be a significant change when that is done. And, if there is someone that deserves this and more- it's Johannah. She has worked so hard in her business and does all the right things to make her business a success. She's talented, stays current, is hardworking, accommodating, and just plain fun to be around. Her mom is awesome too and she's so lucky (well we both were) to have her help! I know where Johannah gets her work ethic.
More pics of these walls in process are in previous posts.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Retreat retreat- when I can!

Process pictures- now that the big plants bit it from the freeze. Am replacing the canvas top with the cutest fabric, breezy and gorgeous- can't wait to get them up- unfortunately I'll be waiting until July for that. Also replacing the fabric insert in the little cabinet- but other really fun unexpected changes are going to be made- as always....always get inspired during the process. But for now am up to my neck in Krylon projects, photo shoot of my office space (it's so beyond the beyond right now!) and working on a really fun adventure that I just can't wait to share with you all!
Old Prune dryer panels in the openings. The fabric on the gazebo is getting trashed and because we don't have a garage and my studio is only so big -we just didn't have the room to store the canvas. I've got other plans for that though and been collecting for replacement.
(check back.)

It's time to replace the huge plant that didn't make it through the freeze. It used to grow at the end of the tub softening the tubs hard line.

The Chandelier was hanging on a shephards hook, moved to here and now the shepherds hook is moved back here but not shown in this picture. I liked the chandy closer & lower to tub. The shepherds hook actually has 2 hooks- one for chandelier and one for my robe. The cabinet with the fall leaves is awaiting retro fabric insert. At one point this area was very naturey; leaves, branches, mossy etc. etc. etc. A girls' got to keep her interest up.

How much is that doggy in the mirror? No, what she's really wanting is that angel back in her possession. She worked her over pretty good a few years ago. This and the other angel were gifts from Ted's mom (my angel) and I coudn't ever part with them. Meanwhile, Pearl loves them as much as I do but for other reasons.

Above: Bedroom/south side entry into tub area. Normally the poles are getting covered with vines but so far I haven't gotten anything planted here yet. I love morning glory and moon flower so maybe I'll do that again. Both grows super fast and creates so much mood. There is a hops vine around the back of the house that has been in my sites for here too. . .

Candles and such in here for the winter and summer- keeps things nice and dry and unmelted.


Close up of Pearl's handiwork- the wing tip
"Pearl's angel make-over"
- now you know why we call her Per-el-za-bub. This is one reason anyway. Our little Poopsickle.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peace Rose Canvas

Canvas Peace Rose with a little photoshop. Liking the additional scrolly embellishments so I'm thinking we'll be doing it in class!


My little potting area inside the gazebo. Isn't this a great old pot? Painted it a few years ago and love how the paint is chip chip chipping away. I'm posting my Turquoise outdoor tub area - check back tomorrow. You'll be apprised of changes as we go through the summer. I've knocked the grime off of things and even managed to get a nice bubble bath in! My favorite!! Anxious to get plants replaced that didn't make it through the winter- especially my big spiky Astillbe at the end of the tub!!

Rough Riders? ut not these folks

Now that's ridin in style! But the 3 speed cruiser bikes below - that's more our speed

Ted's pretty proud of his little cruiser with flames and dice for air stem covers. But the main thing we enjoy are the little bells on the handle bars. You can't imagine how much other people enjoy hearing that old school sounding bell just before you 'bout run them over. "screw loose behind the wheel" comes to mind

Loaded for Bear. With our cruisers we don't ever feel like we have to get anywhere in a hurry. We got them for cruisin around little spots we visit when we head out of town for a night or two. And, they're low maintenance which is becoming my biggest goal.

Ted also lets Pearl pull him to town and back with her leash looped over the bars. They've had some wild rides together and guarenteed- when they get back we hear nary a peep out of Pearl the rest of the night.