Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freedom of Voice – Singing Your Own Song

Read what Jenny Doh had to say about freedom of speech. It's worth repeating and sharing here. Thank you Jenny!

Camera talk

Getting close to making my final camera decision: Sony or Olympus. The Olympus I was using until Pearl knocked it off my desk is no longer cooperating. Velcro and holding my tongue just right will only take me so far. Still it's hard to let it go.

I won't buy Canon. Nice products but their return upgrade program is a candy coated scam used to mask their "built in obsolescence" approach. I decided not to buy Canon again when I got my new computer and my 4 year old Canon Multipass 350 printer wouldn't sync. I thought at first it was a Vista glitch but after exhaustive research it turns out it was Canon's deliberate decision not to interface. I'm back to using my 9 year old HP printer that we got with our first PC & Windows 98 (!) It works beautifully for pictures and will do until I get another multi-function printer for the other capabilities I need.

Here is an excellent link to a site that has made comprehensive comparisons between cameras with comparative shots of the same scenes taken with each camera by the reviewer. Seeing the distinct differences this way was so helpful. This site is extremely useful in sifting through all the camera options:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Love's the Only House

This house will be in the new online magazine I just signed on with as columnist. (I'll provide a link soon)

I've been lamenting the death of my camera (I'm past the shock stage thinking I'm moving into the anger stage) Amanda has been good enough to lend me her camera but it's taking a lot of getting used to. As soon as I got the camera from her I downloaded a manual for settings etc. It's just such a different animal. In the meantime I'm narrowing my search for cameras.
I've been shooting my Wedding Cake Topper House- and am going to work more today on some shots. The next and subsequent issues will signify a major change to the magazine and the caliber of designs available there. It's now under new editorship and several great designers have just signed on as columnists. Keeping my fingers crossed that the cheese factory is closed and now upscale designs will rule the domain!
This rigid paper house is similar to ones featured in my "Coming Home" spread in Somerset Studios but with some really interesting differences; A picture of the couple, invitations and napkins from the wedding are used.

Bless you my son

picture by Gabe's mom- Amanda!

This is little Gabriel- doesn't it look like he's being given a blessing in the second picture? This picture makes me chuckle every time and it's my new screensaver. He's somewhere between being awake and being asleep. Amanda keeps him so spotless but I love his dirty little face!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A fun site to see

This is a fun site and one by my new friend Michelle Cummings. She makes the cutest little wire nest rings. I had to have one, they are soooo CUTE! So, in return I made her a little canvas- you can see it here by scrolling down the page to "Nesting". Be sure to look for those cute rings- they're just adorable!
Click here:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Online interview

Recently I was asked to do an online interview for It's a great site with tons of readers so that's exciting. Some of the questions posed are very interesting. I'll post a link here when it hits "print" but just a few of the questions are:

"what draws you to a particular found object? and "do you know right off how you will use your object, or does it come later?"

This is what indie says about indie: Indiepublic is an independent art and design community. If you're an artist, designer, retailer, blogger, or just someone who gets giddy when they buy indie, we've saved a seat for you!

It's official!

I agreed to taking on a column position for an online subscripted magazine! I'll be posting more details and links when they become available. Lots of cool projects complete with instructions for your creation will be available at this magazine site. Be sure to stay tuned!

Also, some other very very coolthings are in the works- stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

thanks everyone!

I just want to say thank you to the gals at my bucket class! I had a blast and everyone else seemed to enjoy the class as much as I did. My only regret is that I haven't gotten my new replacement camera yet. The buckets turned out gorgeous! But, then again, they always do. My students are so smart. I had a feeling this class was going to be fun and it was. When I got to the class I realized that I'd left the correct size of napkins in my studio. Rather than running back home I called my husband and convinced him he needed to disregard personal hygiene and bring my napkins.
Poor guy (yah right) entered the room to a round of applause. That was a personal highlight moment. I LOVE teasing him. (When I can't sleep he accuses me of trying to win oscars at 4:00 am)
Next class is Wed. canvas class with plaster paint, stain etc. Hopefully will have pictures for you from that! Remember - Hooligans always welcome!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

what to do with a bucket. . .

Just an

Hear a great CD- Chris Isaak

A treat for ya:
click here to hear the entire newest album by Chris Isaak.
Thank you Linda Woods!
And, if you get a chance- ask to befriend Linda Woods on facebook. She and I met a few years ago in Las Vegas both being writers/designers for North Light Books. She is so funny and you'll love her comments. Tonia told me she was so funny and she is right- like always!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Rose Bucket class Coming up Sat

For other bigger pictures of buckets made by students click on the Classes & Plastered Peeps link on the sidebar.
We had a spot open up for class this Sat, call Belinda at 863-4466 to register. Class is 30.00 and all materials are provided. You will ahve a lovely bucket to take with you! This will be the last opportunity to take this class. Thank you to all the students who have taken this class- and those who have taken it more than once.

Daddy can I have a cow please?

This picture cracked me up! Is this the picture of ultimate indulgence and decadence, or what?!
I saw this picture a while ago and I'm sorry to say have lost the source. If anyone knows the original source of this jpg- please let me know. It comes from a book but this picture came from a site. Would love to know what book it's in.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah

Amanda Jensen's version here is so compelling, so reiterating the act of contrition and decisiveness in our hallelujah sometimes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

But trees gather moss

Allowing oneself to finally gather moss can add a richness to a life's perspective. We can travel, we can seek ever new experiences, we can choose to never do the same things twice. We can continue our educations and accelerate interations with every bit of diversity that we seek out. Then we can take it all home and look at it within the framework of our being. Our new eyes will have been changed by it all and give us insight.

Rolling stone gathers no moss

Many a personal battle has been fought when trying to decide whether to settle in the country or to live closer to culture with all the richness it offers. Happily, over the years a well-honed mixture of the two worlds has been created, thank goodness. Nature eternally woos me, I can't be coy forever.