Monday, June 8, 2009

Winning the Harmony Sweepstakes! (there's a story there)

This is little Hazel Marie George, my son Austin and Diana's pretty little baby girl only a few moments old.
She was born on June 5th, weighed in at 7 lbs and .02 oz. A true sweetheart! & Healthy and peaceful, what a great combo.


CarrieJ said...

She is SO gorgeous!! What a sweet bundle of wonderfulness! Congratulations on the new addition!

laurie said...

It makes me what a new baby again! she is so beautiful.

Michelle said...

darling! congratulations!

Halo Hill said...

What a precious angel girl!! Aren't grandkids the best of anything in the world?! God Bless you all. I hope you get all of your work done soon and that it is organized and sent perfectly with time for you to relax and unwind!


p.s. My "grandma name" is Mimi. What's yours?

Colette George said...

Hey girly Mimi! nice to see your note. You are sooo right grandkids are the very best!! Love it!
Thanks for the well wishes for getting things done. Today I was finding myself getting a little anxious, I appreciate your blessing.
Still working on the grandma name- gi gi maybe??

big hugs to my friend,

Colette George said...

thanks you guys, you made me feel so good!! I always share baby comments with the kids too- it does a heart good!
I've loved meeting and getting to know you Carrie & Michelle! you guys are awesome and both so darn talented.
Laurie- we have got to get together asap, I miss you!
hugs, Colette