Saturday, June 13, 2009

this can happen

Hit this area with a little shredded ribbon at chandelier top (watch for flames from candles if you do this!!) I may switch out the vintage paper that's inserted only into the cabinet again but decided to make a speedy change for now. (Was leafy print before) Note the terra pot I sprayed holding bath products on the tubs right side. Keep the colors moving around the space...I replaced the Astillbe at the tub end, it grows pretty fast so I thought this size was good.

Needed some blue so I hit it with some Ocean Blue again around the cab edges....super duper fast

Started out with the cabinet a soft green only. Hit it with some gold around the edges. Inserted vintage wall paper panel all speedy like. Now, I'm back to the canvases!

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Halo Hill said...

Very very cool, Colette!