Thursday, April 30, 2009

Choosing new Cabinet Members has never been easier

picture of the Atomic Ranch style side table. Black & White. I'm going to get a picture of this when the weather breaks a little . . . (see this on more current post)

Pam's Project from my latest Techniques Class-Taking it to the Next Level!

This gal is so talented and her collection of things would be the envy of most crafters. You'd have to see it to believe. But, that's another story! (Check out her store "Bead Mecca" on the sidebar)

Here is what Pam began in class and here is what she finished with- Isn't it the coolest!!?
She has a great sensibility, I just love her style.

Monday, April 27, 2009

and a Swoon Worthy Award goes to. . .

I thought this little sewing machine was so great and the little drawered cabinet ok- but what could the drawers hold with all the mechanics of the sewing machine underneath? I decided to investigate and look! How cute is that!?!?! Comes complete with it's own little chair for the comfort and satisfaction of the seamstress...what a sweet (sewing) notion.

Of course the "Jetco" (makes you think Jetsons doesn't it.) radio doesn't work. I lifted the table top/lid (unattached for some reason- seriously, it was) and the dust inside suggested that the radio didn't work- and probably hadn't for some time although a plug and cord were intact and in very good condition. And, ya never know ?? I should've plugged it in anyway cuz I like to live on the edge.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Class: Sharing, Learning & Creating

I can't wait to show you what else Pam did with little project above- sooo cute and sooo sweet! I got to see it the other day but it's not quite finished. I'll post it as soon as I get a picture from her very soon- it's super cool!

Sweet little Inge- always so creative and such a kind soul. . .

Though this a Techniques class and not a "make and take" class persay - Penny decided to create something anyway- and why not!!! Pam and Inge decided to follow suit. And so the little samples here shows just a few of the techniques just learned. Special artist mention props! The little blue dotted line is a technique I learned at a class with Lynn Whipple, an artist extraordinaire. She's fabulous and here is her link!

I shared many of my most fun techniques like Paper Towel Ageing / transfers with photos, creating aged mirrors, & surface dimensional techniques with texture mediums, "Inkspotting", etc. Students also learned other techniques like Packaging Tape Tranfers, Rusting, Easy Spattering, Color washing/ Glazing that have been around the barnyard a while. And, because I work with Krylon so much I thought it would be fun to share some of the many craft sprays like Webbing, Hammered effects, texturizing spray, and some that I've reinvented for other uses like "Make it Pearl" for aged venetian glass effects.

Pam got so excited by the things she was doing that as soon as she got home she kept working on her little project and has taken it to the next level. It looks AWESOME! I stopped in yesterday and saw it and I can't wait to post it. She has promised a picture soon so I can show you all here.
And, what you don't know about Pam is that she owns very sucessful brick & mortar bead stores- One in Ashland, one in Canyonville, Or. and an online bead store called Bead Mecca- this girl has got it going on! Check out her site on the sidebar link. "Bead Mecca"
This class is being repeated on Sat. May 2 10:00 am. Call Belinda at (541) 863-446 to register or email me at:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indie public interview coming soon!

I did just recieve notice that it will be published and available on June 5 or 6. Don't miss it- it's all about how I go about designing and repurposing seemingly mundane things into fun pieces for the contemporary home and crafter. Check it:

Last Night's Class

I'll be posting pictures from class last night soon. I'll be installing software and going through the learning curve there but it should go pretty fast. Things are getting easier with this technology.


To see how to create the little wedding house cake topper shown on March 23rd post. Check out This project is featured in my new column called tis the Season. I'll be bringing you seasonal decor projects each issue.

Also check out August's issue of Crafts n Things and the new Somerset Apron*ology as well as Somerset Home Volumne 3 for other new designs.
And, this was fun to hear- there is a big new ad national coming with Krylon that features the Leaves of Grass Design and Repurposed Candle Runner. (not sure if it's a TV spot ad for HGTV or what?)

I'll be posting some of the step shots for the Leaves of Grass soon so you can it in process. This is a fun and easy project even though it looks like it isn't. As always all projects can be accessed on the left hand sidebar entitled "Bread Crumb Trail" (aka "finding posts by subject")

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Mixed Media Techniques" Class Newsletter

Hi everybody, I hope this finds you all feeling renewed, like a reset button has been pushed with Easter. (And. Word! to my Peeps and Hooligans!)

Here is the next class offered at Treasures of the Heart: "Mixed Media Techniques" This class will focus on learning several ageing, edging and surface effects currently seen in home decor and mixed media artwork magazines. These paint and mixed media techniques will be applicable for Home Decor projects, tole paint projects and useful for many applications and backgrounds. Current multi-dimensional effects will be shown and discussed. To see a few of the examples stop by Treasures of the Heart. I hope to have these together and there for you to see by Apr.16 am.

Bring yourself and a passion for learning! This is going to be an exciting class. Everything is provided. Class will be Wed. evening Apr. 22 at 6:00. Fee is 25. (A second class for this is tentatively scheduled for Sat. May 2 at 10:30 am) Sign up with Belinda or call Treasures of the Heart for more information at 863-4466. I'll look forward to seeing you there. You also may email me at (As always, Starbucks & treats will be served. And, I think we'll have some nice tea this time since it's an evening class.)

Please note that classes are updated here on my blog at
Here's a helpful tip. The left hand sidebar entitled "Bread Crumb trail" is useful when searching for "projects" or "classes" etc. And you just never know - you may see yourself here!
Also, some of my latest designs can be seen in these publications:
New publication Somerset Apron*ology Also on stands now is Somerset Home issue volume 3. Crafts 'n Things coming August issue. There is another design in the pipeline with Crafts 'n things coming soon also. Other big things are in the works- will let you know when I can.

And, be sure to visit where I am now an online columnist. This subscripted online magazine is filled with lots of fun projects from many designers you've become acquainted with in some of your favorite magazines. People like Barbara Matthiessen,
Laurie D'Ambrosio, Ann Krier, Madeline Faiella, to name a few.

(Just a few of the future things in the works: my online interviews with And another online interview with Denise Clason- I'll let you know more when these processes are completed)

Just a reminder- look for the Exquisite Decoupage Kit available in the fall 2009 from Barnes & Noble for more of my designs. This is a companion to the book released last year under the
same name.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Techniques Class Date

April 22. Wed. eve at 6:00 pm.
And, it's looking like this class will be repeated on Sat. May 2. @10:30 am. Both to be held at Treaures of the Heart.

And, Kimberly, I love the idea! let's do it!! *g*