Monday, December 28, 2009

Decor as Mythology

A few thoughts of Decor as Mythology- using form as language.

There are often events in my decorating, if given enough time and freedom, that the display becomes transcendant art. Soul, through materials and context, enters the room and everyone feels it. Talent, Skill, Heart, Imagination and Desire converge. This artful space now becomes a place of reflection, nurturance and instuction speaking directly to the heart and soul of the viewer through the language of the eyes and spirit.

These are pictures from a home I decorate each year. This client is also someone I've known for many years- I went to school with her son. Usually older music will play as I decorate and I will head right down the lane of nostalgia taking me back to the old school days. It makes the loss of my own mother's presence a little easier and I relish my time spent here. She is also the same person that has 3 storage places for her stuff. She has an amazing eye for beauty and is quite creative herself. The beautiful things she aquires at after Christmas sales etc. is what I work with along with the many years of aquired beauties. This year I didn't want to leave her home when it was done.

(I've posted videos of this home on facebook.)

Merry Christmas- although much belated!

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My attempts to post videos of homes I've been decorating for Christmas from my computer very difficult. I've uploaded a few videos and plan to do so in the future but I'm finding that posting videos on facebook quite simple. (Even if they do take about a half an hour to transfer.)Consider becoming a facebook friend for the latest informations.