Sunday, June 28, 2009

Krylon Repurposed projects

Recognize the old lighting fixures?! The P-E-A-C-E sign (individual letters in metal runner) is with the same this but smaller and socket rounds removed. LOVE the Oil Rubbed Bronze Brushed Metallics. The other a little old medicine cabinet now a converted CD Wall holder. Uses the Brushed Nickel in the Brushed Metallic Line. All are primed white first. I'll give you specific information about the magazines these will appear in when I find out. Things like this will be talked about in my upcoming interview on June 5!


SeaSpray said...

Hi Colette. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. I left you a comment.

You have a nice blog and I shall be back. :)

You wouldn't happen to have the secret for how I can get rid of things would you?

Sentimental packrat or practical..thinking I may need it someday.

Too much stuff and has to go..but how do you decide?

And right now..going through mom's things which are here right now and have to get rid of them but feel like I am tossing her away too. But I have to make room. :(

have a beautiful upcoming week. :)

Colette George said...

I'm so glad you came over- I tried to get back to your site but couldn't find it again. Now I can!! Yah! Thank you for the nice note. My heart broke just for you. Would you do me a favor and email me at my reg. email address? I can answer a little better- I'd love to give you even the slightest bit of relief if I can with my advice- and this issues comes up in my work. And, I'm dealing with it mom's things.
Take care