Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Form

I'm back at Art and wondering how long I could actually stay away from projects even if I am consumed with family matters. I find the greatest comforts waiting for me when I finally am scootched back along into my artful realm. It fits so well. I feel at home. I feel embraced and in my own skin. Like a deer in it's own fur wrap on a winter day.

Filing on a whimsy

Oh the filing, the filing. Actually, I just came across these and had to buy them knowing they would make some scrapbookers very happy. Aren't they the very coolest thing?!?! LOVE LOVE LOVE these! A big fat scrap book, ala Donna Downey HOW CUTE! And, Look at Donna's work above, isn't THAT the cutest! She was exhibiting at CHA in LA a few weeks ago and this is some of what she did. NO worries, I asked if I could take pictures and they happily said YES!! So, take a look at how cute her things are and tell me, wouldn't these file books work in absolutely beautifully? I have a limited number so if you'd like to buy one give me a shout. They measure 13"Long x 9"Tall x 5" Wide. 15. each, available now. You can call 541-580-3364 or email