Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Digital takes a holiday

After much consideration I've decided to take a digital holiday. Supporting so many digital platforms has led me to this decision. This blog has been taking a hit for quite some time as I've multiplied efforts to enhance and evolve Cathedral of Dreams's online presence on many other sites and platforms. I'm happy we've been able to create connections thru these other sites but I'm also super excited to have time mapped out to create like in the old days- without technology. (Ok, I can't stop using email, or texting with clients and friends- it's just not feasible, and frankly, without it I might just wither away.) At the end of this v short video is my email address. If you'd like my cell number for texting just email me. (New friends... sorry you're walking straight into this.) Can I just say the thought of this version of a digi fast is both terrifying and incredibly liberating. I encourage anyone dealing with increasing tech angst and frustration with ever changing rules of engagement for various sites and platforms, babysitting continual privacy breaches etc. to do the same.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Currently working on...

Cathedral of Dreams is now on Flickr as well as YouTube. Actually, we've got two accounts and are now in the process of bringing new content and previously featured designs and photos together. Colette George is the previous account and is still up. There are lots of pictures there that haven't made their way to this blog so I encourage you to come over and take a look.
CODreams has also joined the group The Everyday Studio - please be encouraged to join us. New pictures are posting often, along with YouTube videos, so stay tuned.
Happy weekend to all.
Colette and CODreams


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cathedral of Dreams youtube channel

Please to enjoy: Holiday decorating and other instructional craft design and decorating videos are being uploaded to our new youtube channel. Will let you know when other videos that have been promised become available on other sites as well. click on the above post title
"Cathedral of Dreams youtube channel" and it will take you right there.

or copy and paste in your browser bar: