Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's What Friends Do

Love is not:

or irritable

Does not demand it's own way
or hold grudges.
It's never glad about injustice.

Love is:

Always protects,

It rejoices in the truth
Love never fails,
Keeps no record of wrong
Love Lives on

The Gospel according to philosopher Lauren James.
My dear friend, Lauren James, is a truly amazing person and everyone who knows her deeply respects and admires her. See her on post (scroll down) June 16. Lauren is so global minded and progressive but also knows and appreciates the bible on a level most people can't even imagine, myself included. We have been through some pretty high water together and made it to the other shore. Her understanding and insight in my world is golden. So, in this post today- she is my "guest" blogger! As we discussed modern expression of certain phrasing in these scriptures she remained the final say as to it's truest intent. My first concept of forming an easy to read list of what love is, and what love is not, laid the basis for this. Thank you Lauren, for sharing your insight and passionate care in these interpretations.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prayers of the people

This is my new little prayer candle block. It's set up in the living room and my way of reminding myself to pray for those I've told I will! You can see strips of tapes with names written. These names represent the people I am now praying for as a result of my online travels. I will be adding strips with new names over top of these. . .as time goes on.

Prayer is such an amazing concept to me. It truly is miraculous. I've found that when I surround any problem with prayer, the energy in it, of it, changes. Significantly. Quietly. Often very quickly. A bigger space is somehow created for unusual change. I've seen it happen far too often to think otherwise. And, believe me, I've been stuck in long stages in my life that were filled with raging disbelief, anger, incredible feelings of being misunderstood and invalidated. And, being told to be positive, for it's own sake, just seemed like a lie to me and an oppressive tool. But bringing prayer and a dogged determination to love is different. I just think it takes a loving creator to build what we've got here. Love seems to be the only thing that endures, and produces life. Anytime I can, through love, give any life producing benefit, then I am assisting in a miracle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I saw this cross at a church I frequently attend in Rogue River. There is wire covering the shells, holding them in place. The wolves were an unexpected element that seemed right for the day. Sometimes this is how it feels when we're left alone with our sorrow and fear. Wolves circle about in their primitive urges, but they aren't malicious persay. My own ignorance about the extent of God's love makes me feel like there are wolves surrounding me, when really there are not.

click on picture for shells and wire detail
Thank you Nancy Nibblett. The most awesome sunday school teacher ever!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Falling slowly into you dear

I'm feeling a new wind blowing even though I'm a little reluctant to post anything other than summer things. Summer just never lasts long enough. Lately our August breezes are bringing a decidely September feel. O the coming season of Fall...leaves will soon swirl to the ground, children will be in school learning new things, and people will enjoy homes without the worry and noisy distraction of keeping safe & cool.

I love fall for all it's beauty and for this reason I may be rushing things a little. Still, the loveliness of fall is starting to weave it's magical mossy little fingers around and through my heart compelling me to fall in love with it all over again. And, I am. I am.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This has been my word lately. Perhaps I could distill the definitions...:) subject to a process of vaporization and subsequent condensation, as for purification or concentration. extract the volatile components of by distillation; transform by distillation. concentrate, purify, or obtain by or as by distillation: to distill whiskey from mash. remove by distillation (usually fol. by off or out): to distill out impurities. extract the essential elements of; refine; abstract: She managed to distill her ideas into one succinct article. let fall in drops; give forth in or as in drops: The cool of the night distills the dew.

verb: undergo or perform distillation. become vaporized and then condensed in distillation. drop, pass, or condense as a distillate. fall in drops; trickle; exude

Sea of Mercy

If I could only swim it's tide,
be washed upon it's waves,
and feel the grace inside,

feel the grace inside.

If I could only know no judgement,
find my sweetest peace,
wander to the shore,
and find myself in the sea.

If I could only feel the cloudy lift,
revealing a little blue sky,
Somehow the water would find me,
wash me and give me an alibi.

The lessons of my past,
wouldn't be so sad,
spilling out to tell on me,
and point to all I never had,

the promise of my future might be left for me,
If I could only swim the sea,
engorge myself in the mystery,
. . .the sea of mercy.

I will know the sea of mercy,
when it's passions find my feet,
I will step upon it's waters,
and find my sweet relief.

I will feel it's healing hand,
and though I did not earn it,
be carried there by another man,
and throw myself in it.

I will walk upon it's waters,
to show it can be done,
a multitude beside me,
all waiting to come,

Swim the sea of mercy,
I will find my soul within,
part of me,
comes back to me again.

colette george c 1992