Thursday, June 4, 2009

Retreat retreat- when I can!

Process pictures- now that the big plants bit it from the freeze. Am replacing the canvas top with the cutest fabric, breezy and gorgeous- can't wait to get them up- unfortunately I'll be waiting until July for that. Also replacing the fabric insert in the little cabinet- but other really fun unexpected changes are going to be made- as always....always get inspired during the process. But for now am up to my neck in Krylon projects, photo shoot of my office space (it's so beyond the beyond right now!) and working on a really fun adventure that I just can't wait to share with you all!
Old Prune dryer panels in the openings. The fabric on the gazebo is getting trashed and because we don't have a garage and my studio is only so big -we just didn't have the room to store the canvas. I've got other plans for that though and been collecting for replacement.
(check back.)

It's time to replace the huge plant that didn't make it through the freeze. It used to grow at the end of the tub softening the tubs hard line.

The Chandelier was hanging on a shephards hook, moved to here and now the shepherds hook is moved back here but not shown in this picture. I liked the chandy closer & lower to tub. The shepherds hook actually has 2 hooks- one for chandelier and one for my robe. The cabinet with the fall leaves is awaiting retro fabric insert. At one point this area was very naturey; leaves, branches, mossy etc. etc. etc. A girls' got to keep her interest up.

How much is that doggy in the mirror? No, what she's really wanting is that angel back in her possession. She worked her over pretty good a few years ago. This and the other angel were gifts from Ted's mom (my angel) and I coudn't ever part with them. Meanwhile, Pearl loves them as much as I do but for other reasons.

Above: Bedroom/south side entry into tub area. Normally the poles are getting covered with vines but so far I haven't gotten anything planted here yet. I love morning glory and moon flower so maybe I'll do that again. Both grows super fast and creates so much mood. There is a hops vine around the back of the house that has been in my sites for here too. . .

Candles and such in here for the winter and summer- keeps things nice and dry and unmelted.


Halo Hill said...

How AWESOME is that! I love it all! Your little candle storage place is darling too, and what a great idea!!


Colette George said...

Hey you, I was just thinking about you today!Thanks for the good feedback!
hugs. Colette
hop on over to Jamies' blog- she talks a lot more about her life and losing Chris- you should read it. Her website is on my sidebar- go there, then click to go to her blog