Monday, October 20, 2008

C & B purchases for client

Hard to see from this shot but there are 3 baskets in this bench ottoman. To tie together the blue color in the room I dry brushed the same blue over the woven baskets front. (Not shown here.) In so doing my client can use them blue or as they came originally by flipping the baskets around. Leather top is real comfy for the backs of legs when stretched out on top.

This table is so beautiful. The top is distressed mirror- so pretty. 2 stacking side tables similar to this were also purchased. It's a Glam & Yum.

We actually didn't buy this from Z gallerie although this is where this giclee was first seen. In the end we ordered from so we had choices for frames etc. etc etc. I recommend but the framing costs can get out of hand so be careful there.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bucket class

A version of this projects' instructions can also be found on the Krylon website -but please know that it does not include the melted wax techniques.
And in Create & Decorate Vol. 31 No. 5
Top picture: Mary Waechter workin it!
AND left to right: Kathey Richardson, Marolyn McCoullough, Carolyn Ireland and Mary Waechter- ladies from the most recent bucket class held at Treasures of the Heart. This class is offered frequently since it's requested often. Everyone made such beautiful buckets. We had fun, it's great creating with friends.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Getting hammered

This is a hammered metal bowl - actually it's an old glass light fixture cover! The hammered effect of the paint really makes it look like it's metal. I know I sound like a commercial but the effect is really cool and can be used in so many different applications. (There's a hole in the bottom of the bowl covered with the votive candle) The flocked edge is actually lime jello granules, fun huh? For instructions to this project click here

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Fresh Ideas in Decoupage- North Light/ F+W Pub. Colette George
Cutting Edge Decoupage
Exquisite Decoupage
Bernie Berlin Artist Trading Card Workshop
Red Lips for Courage/ Eileen Paulin/ Rebecca
Spray Paint Paper Crafts

Kit: Exquisite Decoupage
Sterling Innovations Designer Compilation. Fall 2009 release/ B & N


Somerset Studios Melange
Somerset Home
Romantic Homes, "Favorite things"
Create & Decorate
Create & Decorate Christmas
Crafts 'n Things
Country Sampler Decorating Ideas
Today's Creative Home Arts

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Michaels "Great Decor in a Flash"
Create & Decorate "Starry Nights"

My Craftivity "S'mores Toolbox"
Somerset Studios
Between the Vines

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Hollywood Glamour (Front & Forward)
Chocolate Culinary Conversation Pit (Front & Forward)
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