Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remnant Craft

The little box on the left is a simple little box that had been used to spray glue and add glitter to something...bread cubes (the "host". sortof. well it's kindof hard to explain) I've added gold trim cording around the little diorama and placed a little deer inside along with a beautiful little card by Papaya! The cream areas in the box are simply folded and twisted remnant pieces of tracing paper. Gold accents are tossed in. Simple beauty in and of itself. Photoshop embellishments kindof take over but I couldn't resist playing.The frame is the only one I seem to be able to find. It leaves a little to be desired but I do like having finished edges here.


Halo Hill said...

Very cool! I love remnants and scraps! I bought the book "Photo Shop for Dummies" but I'm still dumb. Guess I have to crack it open once and awhile to get it to "work"!

Love all of your creative and pretty things!


Colette George said...

oh Photoshop! I know exactly what you mean yikes, it's been a hard climb to this point but for some reason it's starting to make sense. I was really beginning to wonder! Hot tip> Check out Susan Tuttle's site Ilkas Attic- sign up for her online class - a tutorial for's a great opportunity and she does Fabulous things!! I'm taking the class and can't wait- but it's sign up- August, class sept sometime...
hugs to you Sheila!
Sorry it took me a while to reply - i changed my blog comment process option and am not used to it yet!