Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rough Riders? ut not these folks

Now that's ridin in style! But the 3 speed cruiser bikes below - that's more our speed

Ted's pretty proud of his little cruiser with flames and dice for air stem covers. But the main thing we enjoy are the little bells on the handle bars. You can't imagine how much other people enjoy hearing that old school sounding bell just before you 'bout run them over. "screw loose behind the wheel" comes to mind

Loaded for Bear. With our cruisers we don't ever feel like we have to get anywhere in a hurry. We got them for cruisin around little spots we visit when we head out of town for a night or two. And, they're low maintenance which is becoming my biggest goal.

Ted also lets Pearl pull him to town and back with her leash looped over the bars. They've had some wild rides together and guarenteed- when they get back we hear nary a peep out of Pearl the rest of the night.

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