Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yours Traditional and Updated

Red and white mixed with primitives make a comfy, welcoming tree. Visitors coming into your home for the first time, when using this look will instantly feel like old friends such is the power of traditional and country casual mixed together. (And, is that mirror gorgeous?!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

bending but never breaking

Our space is limited but I wanted to create a little bit of an entrance feel using the tree as an arch of sorts. This tree isn't quite finished in this shot, there is more ribbon creating more of a drapey effect and a few other additions that have been done. I'll capture updated pictures for you soon and post this and other trees remaining.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Awash in Color

Christmas is such a bright spot in most of our lives. The vibrant colors against the white flocking make this a tree with some energy. Glittered Crowns, Shoes, Chairs and Grand Pianos are on this tree as well as many other fun things like opulent Lime, Fuchsia and Orange matte metallic swirly ornaments. Click on picture to see closeup of just one color example of each of the Chair, Piano and Crown. For those of you planning to be in our area (So. Oregon; Roseburg/Myrtle Creek) Nov. 6 & 7 is the highly anticipated Christmas Open House hosted by Belinda Legg/store owner. (I will almost certainly be there too! Come by and say HI!! It would be so fun to see all our friends that can make it! If you'd like to buy anything you see here call Belinda- she ships out all the time. Store number is 541-863-4466

For those that can't make it- I'll be sharing more about the store here so you can be there in spirit! It's great to share common passions with you all.
Take care all. I'm elfing again today and will be back with lots more photos of the trees in their entirety soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little Vintage, a little Deconstructed

I love deconstructionism design although this only has a small touch of that apect. Lately, when decorating trees I've been simply streaming cool old ribbons down the tree in a very haphazard way. Communicating to the customers that applying ribbon or streaming beading cords is effortless. Trust your own instinct and feel it. This is about your joy, bringing Christmas into your home your way.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Joy to the World, Joy to Me!

Peace on Earth
Goodwill to Men
Merry Christmas everybody
it's that time of year again.

For me anyway!! This is the time of year I begin decorating for a wonderful little shop called Treasures of the Heart. This little store will soon begin it's winter wonderland visual transformation. As always, there are several trees being decorated, (there would be more if the shop were any bigger.) It's amazing how many trees we can actually squeeze in but we remain undaunted in our delight and desire to add "just one more tree." for the sheer love of it all. That's just how it is- always pushing the space!

One of the themes of the trees is a Vintage Christmas- a personal favorite (if there is such a thing!) I'll post pictures of displays of some of the vignettes a little later on. The rush is on to be ready for the annual Treasures of the Heart Christmas Open House Nov. 6 & 7.

For the first time, I'll be decorating trees off-site. Decorating trees in the store itself has become an enormous logistical challenge while working around customers and furniture etc. Each decorated trees will be brought in as completed. Final decorating of the entire shop will commence when all trees are set into their final destinations within the shop.

Belinda is a great buyer and working with the wonderful things she gathers makes my decorating work just that much easier. Always a collaborative process, but a very real part of my work for Treasures is to edit and make style direction decisions for the trees, spaces & vignettes in the store. I love the work. Still, Christmas is my favorite time of year. And, I'm very happy it starts in Oct.!

When this shop is done, there is another shop to do (you will not believe your eyes with this one either- altogether totally different styles than Treasures of the Heart!) After that, local in-home Christmas decor commences. Typically a few "regular" decor jobs will pop up and, usually Krylon will place a big order with a due date of end of January...so you can see- starting now works really well. Oh yeah, almost forgot, teaching a few classes will be in the mix too.

Christmas comes but once a year, make it last! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Figuratively speaking, that is

This was another shot taken for Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Fall 2009 and was mentioned in the text. Wanted to share it with you now as it was referenced. In thiw latest issue you will see my space here at Cathedral of Dreams. Copy to your browser bar the link below to buy or it's available at Borders, Barnes & Nobel and Amazon.


Monday, October 5, 2009

United hallelujahs

This is one version of Hallelujah shared by an old classmate on facebook by Espen Lind, Kurt Nilsen, Alejandro Fuentes and Holm. Amazing. Collecting hallelujahs...I think I can do that.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The view from here

There is something about a warming view when there is a chill all around. This little electric fireplace doesn't emit heat but for some reason it does seem to warm me and make me feel ever so cozy. It makes little crinkling noises just like a fire would, I love that. This sound is inventively created by a slowly spinning metallic brush sweeping against a bumpy plastic shield behind the "logs". The surrounding mantle and hearth is fiberglass made to look like stone, sheer whimsy. There is something so innocent, so childlike, in it's invention. I think I love these because they seem to reflect the warm heart of the creator.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated because there is precious little time to create a tree for ourselves when Christmas is at hand, due to my work. I love Christmas so, decorating a tree early- well, that's OK too. And, well, maybe that's the real reason why it was up in August. . .can't say for sure. Christmas warms my heart all year.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cathedral of Dreams Portal entrance

This project, the Cathedral of Dreams Arch, is made largely from cardboard. It was made by Laurie Cleveland and I and can be seen in the Cloth Paper Scissors Studio issue shown on my sidebar.

Workings of the Heart

Everyday that I write to you is from my office space and now, this space has been published in the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios. I haven't yet received my copy. But I am excited to see what actually made it into the mag, there were so many shots taken. More shots will be posted as time goes by anyway. Things are always changing and everyday brings a new perspective, super inspirations and magical possibilities. Moments are always waiting to be transformed by your miraculous imagination. I've decided to become a slouth as I try finding the opening by which a new heartfelt perspective can be realized.

Life is awesome and always such a surprise awaits us. Our imaginations have the power to set us free and enthrall us. I want to be ever mindful of that gift we've been given.