Monday, February 23, 2009

"Leaves of Grass" (well, ok- why not?) Krylon canvases

At work on the Leaves of Grass canvases
Krylon Ivy Leaf, and Metallic Silver, Semi- gloss black.
Love Silver on canvases. Tip o the day: The way to truly achieve the really shiny silver finish on canvas texture: Use Gesso (Krylon Gesso Spray) then Gloss White, then the Silver. Mask off your stripey areas, spray Ivy leaf and Silver. The silver shine is fabulous and not really evident in this version. But click on the picture and you'll see it better- close up. You'll also see how shiny and vibrant the green is when it's shot for the magazine.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chocolate Conversation Pit A few props CHA Somerset Home Volume 3.

In the Somerset edition you'll see many other projects from this set- this is just what I snapped really quickly and doesn't even come close to showing the other really awesome projects.

Mid point of Project for Krylon CHA. This is part of a large install for Krylon booth called a Chocolate Conversation Pit. A large seating platform with low plank seating are a part of this.
Other things like vases hanging from a garden umbrella, table runners, centerpiece and several other things were also a part of it. More of this project was featured in Somerset Home Volume 3. (cover on sidebar)

Metal placemat from Pier 1 was used as a stencil.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Let the sun rise, let the birds sing

Let the sun rise, let the birds sing,

Let there be light let there be morning.

I don't know how I made it till now,

let there be light, let there be morning,

let there be morning.

- the perishers.

Recently through an agreement with Sterling Innovations it was decided a kit is to be created to include one of my projects- I'm pretty excited about that. The kit will be available in the Fall at Barnes and Noble and is to be called the "Exquisite Decoupage" kit. I'll post links as they become available and a snap of the project itself as soon as my techie delivers it to me. For more information about this project it's also available in the book: Exquisite Decoupage by Sterling.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wash, Rinse and Renew

This is Bandon, Or. Fog was rolling in a little but was warmish and no wind, which is kindof unusual for the coast around this time of year. We spent the night in a great place overlooking Old Town Bandon & the harbor with the ocean in the distance. One of my favorite places is Face Rock (above) named for the profile of the rock. This place always generously refreshes my soul with peacefulness. Seeing how small our problems really are when we look up is the lesson I take home everytime.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thank you Austin

Thank you Austin, Ibanez and Diablo for watching the big dog Pearl while we were gone to the Coast!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bless your Heart and soul

a workspace vignette in my office Feb 14, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

A little Treasures of the Heart shop vignette

This is in a shop I set display and merchandise in. (I also happen to teach here as well.) Treasures of the Heart is filled with great things for the home and gifts. Not to mention the cutest baby things ever.

Do you love that red glitter chandelier like I do? It's a great piece to hang from a chandelier too. Notice on the lower right hand is the Wendy Addison "when this you see remember me" There are also accompanying pieces of Wendy's at Treasures of the Heart. To buy just give Belinda a jingle at 541- 863-4466, she ships all the time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Easy How to: Switch a Ceiling Mount Chandelier to Plug-In Style

It's your very own moveable feast.

Move your chandelier outdoors, or to a cozy little area in your office or behind a chair in a little reading nook. Keep your home fresh by moving things, it energizes the space.

You won't believe how EASY this is to do. I'd surfed so many times looking for step by step photos of the process but never could find any so I'm including it here because I know a lot of you would like to know how this is done. My dad was an electrician so I knew it could be done. (I should have paid more attention when he did this!) But! I'm not a certified electrician like he was so proceed knowing this.

Questions were asked and research was done for things I was concerned with and happily I share here for your enrichment. Just make sure you're not wanting to plug a huge electrical sucker. The chandelier here is fairly large and takes 8- 25 watt bulbs.

You'll need:

screw drivernippers or electrical wire strippers,

a shiny new plug.

an ex-treee chain long enough to use and hang down into obscurity.

a leash for the dog

You may need someone to run and get things for you like- a cup of coffee, a Thomas muffin, things of that nature.

CDs to work by, I suggest:
"Workin on a Dream"
"That's the night the lights went out in Georgia"
"I Light up my Life"

(You may or may not need xtra chain in addition to what's comes with your ceiling mount chandelier.)

Make sure you'll have enough chain to hang down into oblivion from where you think you may want it. It will likely run down the wall, perhaps behind some curtains. Perhaps behind the dog. I don't know for sure where you may want to move yours from time to time but make sure you've got enough to drape from it's hook on the ceiling, back to a corner and down the wall. Chances are you'll need to get more. If so, get down to that recycle center pronto.

Chandelier 1

Open the prize

Chandelier 2

Seriously this is going to be beautiful.

(to the sound of trumpets)
Bring the cord out.

Chandelier 3

Prepping for the plug!

At the cord end:

There is a little channel that runs through the cord. Split that down the center to a length of approx. 1.5 inches
With nippers or electrical wire strippers peel the plastic off of each side of that channel now to reveal the perty little copper wires. When using nippers or the electrical cord strippers don't cut too deeply. The idea is to keep all or dang near all the wires. (and if you notice you can see I've twisted the wires- that's next. see below)

Chandelier 4

Twist the wire on each side to get any strays gathered in.

Chandelier 5

Make sure you have enough chain to hang down into oblivion from where you think you may want to hang it. It will likely run down the wall, perhaps behind some curtains. Perhaps behind the dog. I don't know for sure where you'll hang yours from time to time but make sure you've got enough to drape from it's hook on the ceiling, back to a corner at least. You may or maynot have enough in the box that came with- chances are you'll need to get more. Run, don't walk to your recycle center.

Thread the wire cording through the chain at intervals of 2, or 3 or 4 links...whatever.
Using chain not only dresses up the cord (my friend and Style Maven extraordinaire Laurie Cleveland hates the look of chain so she covers them with a silk casing that can be slipped over when we're done - and I'd bet with a pretty please she'd make you one.) but the chain gives your chandelier more support. The weight of your chandelier isn't resting soley on the cord- a big no no.

Chandelier 6

Hold one ring with a pair of pliers, place a screwdriver inside the ring right beside it. Twist in opposite directions. This will open up a ring and you can now use that at the top of the chandelier. And, while we're up there- do you notice another wire coming out of the top of the chandelier? (This one without a plastic cover) That's the ground. Now take that wire and bundle it up and lay it back in there by the ring. There is so little electricity flowing through these chandeliers it's ok. Now, if I were adding a plug to something needing a lot more electricity to run it, than I'd have to ground the wire with a bulky plug (hideous really) in which case I'd lay down my bagel now and cry in my coffee. But, like I said my dad was an electrical supervisor, teacher and all around sweetheart and I know this is exactly how he did it.

ok where were we?
Hook that open ring over the ring in the chandelier top and close in similar manner or by hook or by crook. Just get the dang thing closed. Dear lord. It can be a strain and I do apologize for that.

Chandelier top ring in the top center opening: they've all got em- you just don't know they're there until you're a handy dandy ceiling mount chandelier switcher tech.

We shall call this our precious. This is the ring that will take weight off the chandelier electrical cord so that weight can be directly placed on the metal chandelier. Now, doesn't that feel better knowing that the electrical cord isn't trying to do double duty? This is the stuff that helps you sleep at night.
(click Older Posts if necessary for the continuation of these steps)

Chandelier 7

OK- here's the deal- How are your powers of make believe? Because I didn't think to get a picture of the plug all by it's lonesome before adding the cording.
So let's all pretend there ISN'T a gold cord attached!
Open the plug by removing the two screws. The black thingy will slide off and you can now grasp the yellow thingy.

(and, if you enjoy this picture- you're in luck -you'll see it again at the end- but don't even think about that right now)

Now thread the black thing (round hole in back/rectangular hole in front) onto the cord with the rectangular opening toward the end where the wires are. (photo 3 in Chandelier 8 if you need a another visual)

Chandelier 8

Addin' the plug-this is where you get to feel all perfessyunal like.

Push that chain way back up on the cord and out of your sight. Can't stomach it right now. Who needs that pesky thing - right now it'll just be in the way.

Notice the two leetle screws one on either side. One has the wire on, one needs it still. (When I say wire- I mean the two bundles of thin wire of your cord. There are several little wires but they are called "a" wire in the electrical world- (but I can't stop thinking of them as bundles, how and why I don't know. If any of that confuses you- don't worry about it. It doesn't effect us at all.)

Put each wire (well, you know what I mean) around in a clockwise "twist" behind the screw. This way when you tighten the screw down the wires (righty tighty lefty loosey) you won't work against you and try to break free from their connection.

Now- slip the black part of the plug over the wire.

You're doing great. How 'bout a little snack? How bout that with a little flomax chaser?
(& PS I look very much like this only much cuter and if any one tells you different well they're dern liars and can't be trusted)

Chandelier 9

Now, would you look at that? This charming little picture below has resurfaced so soon. You know why? . . .cause we're dang near done. Slip that black thingy back up over your plug that now has the wires attached and screw those little screws back in.

Now plug it in. What do you think?!

I suspect your face will light up just like the chandelier. Now, isn't that something? Congratulations! Now when the man starts to give you hell for something- you remember what you're capable of.

Like Monkeys to a flame so are we to a Chandelier- Enjoy!

Now about those snacks. . . someone has been very patient (yah, that's what we'll tell ourselves)

Until next time - keep your lovelight shining :)

disclaimer: No responsibility is assumed through the sharing of these instructions.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loved these from Pottery Barn but Deb and I made our own.

Before example

Add after:
Pottery Barn had a similar version and loved them but they were 199. (and approx. 240.+ for the next size up.) & Don't even want to guess what shipping is. Since we have a woodstove the logs were from our wood pile.
We made these by sanding them down extensively with an electric sander & brushing with a high gloss varnish. Deb's had all the bark off. I left some of mine on and sanded that too. The log rounds could've have dried more & many would probably prefer them to be seasoned as they split if they are brought in while still "wet". But I didn't mind that and like the effect. I've also thought of adding something to the crack- maybe lead or maybe just leave it alone. Nature does what it does, that's ok with me. 'Perty sweet huh? "Pottery Barn don't have anything over this barn" lol.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Posting local Bucket Class Date

Hi all- here is the date for the upcoming local Rose bucket class.
Class will be held on Sat. Mar. 14th 10:30 am. @ Treasures of the Heart.
Call Belinda at 863-4466 to register or you can email me at

Another class was also discussed and will be held:
Monday am (16th), Tuesday eve (17th) OR Wed. eve (18th) A large Rose & Plaster Canvas may be the project. To be held at Treasures of the Heart. 6:00 pm

A class is being discussed at Laurie's Antiques in Roseburg. As for the project let's just Saints will figure prominently. I'm dreaming about this project and am so inspired, will keep you posted.
Also be sure to come see me at Facebook! Enjoying Facebook a lot lately and now can see what all the fuss is about. It's like a big reception with all these wonderful people I've watched and loved for so long in attendence. And here we all are with a little tag "hello my name is___" on. Just go around the room & introduce yourself. You've got to try it, you'll love it!

Last night a touch of the Narcolepsy

I was sorry to miss the Grammys last night! & I don't even know when they started. But I must tell you lately my joke with my husband has been about having narcolepsy when we just can't stay up any longer.

A recent conversation:

Me: Sorry about that chief I guess a little touch of the narcolepsy kicked in.

Ted: Well, let's just hope it doesn't develop into full blown dorkolepsy.

Me: Then I'll just pray you're not contagious.

Better Days You're Hallways on my mind

Two different Hearths shown here. The one just below is my latest aquisition. The other I've begun working on by enlarging the mantle top with crown molding and paint. Other paint to be added, will show you what I do later on this week. I'm planning to work on it Thursday.

And you ask me what I want this year And I try to make this kind and clear

Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

Cuz I don't need boxes wrapped in strings

And desire and love and empty things

Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words And sing out loud

Cuz everyone is forgiven now

Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

And it's someplace simple where we could live

And something only you can give

And thats faith and trust and peace while we're alive

And the one poor child that saved this world

And there's 10 million more who probably could

If we all just stopped and said a prayer for them

So take these words

And sing out loud

Cuz everyone is forgiven now

Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

I wish everyone was loved tonight

And somehow stop this endless fight

Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words

And sing out loud

Cuz everyone is forgiven now

Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

- Goo Goo dolls

So, now you've been introduced to my fixation with Hearths & Mantles.

Physical warmth and kindness as impetus for design makes my heart sing. I'll be adding to this hearth shown immediately above. (Hint: Goo Goo Dolls) Can't wait to show you what I'm planning to do. Be sure to check back later this week. Planning to work on it Thursday.

I love these and vintage faux log burners and just have such affection for them. I can never resist and have collected several the last few years. My husband is wondering when enough is enough. I'm planning to sell the latest one (top picture) when it's ready. It's sitting in our hallway right now (or what we like to call shipping and recieving)

My newest Cabinet Member

Love this little cabinet. I have some fun plans for it and will show you in the very near future what's to be done. But! Believe it, it will be something you've never seen before. So, excited. Can't wait for the block of time I have scheduled later this week to work on it.

Stay Tuned! Incidentally- Fun ideas are brewing with the light fixture laying there too. Coooool.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Plastered Peeps Mirror Class

Here's the thing about my Plastered Peeps- they are all gorgeous and truly gifted women in their own right. I'm so proud and humbled.
Queen Shelby Lux- she's the one that started the Plastered Peeps.
(above) The beautiful Donna Ladd

Picture above: I'd like to point out Nancy (Lehrbach) in Pink- She is high- larious! Love her whole philosophy on life.

Picture above: Sandy Remington with her hair in a pony. She is one smart cookie and so pretty. You'll see her in other photos, she's an original Peep.

(above) The vivacious Yvette Fox!

BUT! Heather Bolin? where is the other original Plastered Peep? Did she go awol for these pictures? I'll have to scout around. You must meet Heather- she is a one of a kind, truly loving, smart, heart for kids- sheesh- super creative...on and on! It's disgusting really.

Add mirror4 class photos

Plastered Peep Queen Shelby!

Introducing Shelby Lux! She is the leader of the pack, the Queen of my Plastered Peeps.

Here we are in her sparkling new home.

Hearts, Homes, and Minds open

Shelby served lunch and, as usual, it was fantastic! She's something that Shelby. And, this is a sample of what she served- my first steamy buns. They were wonderful, so unusually light. The picture shows them done. They were steamed in the mic. Got> Costco- really yummy! She served a delicious salad along with and we topped it off with Key Lime pie. It was really nice catching up. What a great day. And, PS there's going to be a little mr Shelby coming soon. His name will be little Owen, isn't that sweet!

Living in the Magic Hearth & Mirror

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Plastered Peeps Class LaCasa Lux

Top row- left to right:
Head Plastered Peep Shelby Lux, Sandy Remington, Heather Bolin, Sylvia Nichols
bottom row:
Traci Martin and Nancy Lehrbach.
Every single bucket was Gorgeous!!

Shelby took this picture, and I took her spot.

Red Lips for Courage book "book" design :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cathedral Frame - Close up.

This beautiful frame is available from French Palace Boutique. (see Lookie linkie sidebar)
Isn't it pretty? Love this frame.

Pocket full of Promises

. . . just a little old linen pocket. Life offers so much beauty if we only have eyes to see.
(See where this pocket came from on my Jan 2, o9 post)