Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank You

This toast seen here in the second picture is made by impressing a metal cross (the same as used in the sand above) into the soft white bread and then toasting the bread. It then becomes dressing and is baked. Consciously infusing a physical act of creating into this meal of Thanksgiving completes the process for me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Exterior Video Laurie's Antiques Christmas Decor 2009

This is the exterior street side video of Laurie's wonderful antique store that I decorate lsat week. Laurie has so many one of a kind beautiful things she gathers from Paris and brings back for her customers and those lucky enough to know about them. Call her for more information regarding her Parisian jewelry, wonderful things of Channel and the incredible other Parisian things too numerous to mention. Trust me- Exquisite, gorgeous, you won't be disappointed. I find many great things for for clients here and really exciting things for my own home. You will fall in love with this store and Laurie. A finer spirit you will not find on this planet. She is an absolute gem, faithful and true.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laurie's Antiques on Rose Christmas 2009

This video is the interior of Laurie's Antiques in Roseburg, Oregon. A wonderful store I was happy to decorate last week. This truly great store has so many really delightful things to fascinate and inspire. I'll take those candlesticks in the window thank you very much ;)

Not shown here, but call Laurie and ask her about the new bracelets with the gorgeous saintly medals she gathered while in Paris and crafted upon her return. They are stunning!!!! 541-673-7912

Decor as Metaphor

There is a point during the decorating process that the display has the potential to take on a transcendence beyond the typical flight of style of taste. The soulful piece becomes infused by way of talent, skill, heart and imagination. When this milestone approaches within each project, it becomes more easily recognizable as a possibility impelling me on with excitement and renewed fervor toward a completion. Many years of honing skills, finding the right balance of adornment and craft creates an understanding of the power of good design but also the power of truly artful design.
Generally this point comes well into the decor process. All materials have been gathered. (with the exception of those still remaining as organically inspired along the way) A general outline of the space to decorated is determined. A general theme/point/ purpose/statement has been decided upon.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Parisian inspired vignette

Here is a picture of a Parisian inspired vignette for Treasures of the Heart, a sweet sweet shop in our area- a little town called Myrtle Creek. But, don't be fooled- this store has plenty of heart and so much beauty and whimsy, truly enchanting things to decorate your home with. We all consider it a real privilege to have a shop like this in our area. People come from far and near to shop here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halos in progress

Just because we're wearing halos doesn't mean we think we're perfect, we're just happy to have a purpose and hope! Happy Halos to you!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A little Elf Help

Have you ever read the little Elf Help books? These are miraculous and wonderful little gems written for children. And adults! These little books are profoundly simple in their grace and wisdom. I've given them as gifts and kept many to be passed along when others may need them. There are numerous Elf Help books written specifically geared toward scenarios, such as how to handle grief, loneliness, depression etc.

Some titles are:
When your Grandparent Dies
Sad isn't Bad- A good grief guidebook for kids dealing with loss
When Mom and Dad Divorce
Help is Here for Facing Fear
Saying Goodbye Saying Hello - When your family is moving
Be the Star That You Are- a book for Kids who feel different
When Bad Things Happen- a guide to help kids cope.
and many many more.

When I visit the Abbey near Mt. Angel I'll pick some up. Check them out. They are very inexpensive and available at Amazon. I love having them around reminding me of the incredibly wise truths each of them embody.