Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sea of Mercy

If I could only swim it's tide,
be washed upon it's waves,
and feel the grace inside,

feel the grace inside.

If I could only know no judgement,
find my sweetest peace,
wander to the shore,
and find myself in the sea.

If I could only feel the cloudy lift,
revealing a little blue sky,
Somehow the water would find me,
wash me and give me an alibi.

The lessons of my past,
wouldn't be so sad,
spilling out to tell on me,
and point to all I never had,

the promise of my future might be left for me,
If I could only swim the sea,
engorge myself in the mystery,
. . .the sea of mercy.

I will know the sea of mercy,
when it's passions find my feet,
I will step upon it's waters,
and find my sweet relief.

I will feel it's healing hand,
and though I did not earn it,
be carried there by another man,
and throw myself in it.

I will walk upon it's waters,
to show it can be done,
a multitude beside me,
all waiting to come,

Swim the sea of mercy,
I will find my soul within,
part of me,
comes back to me again.

colette george c 1992


Halo Hill said...

Beautiful COlleen!


Colette George said...

"Halo" :) Sheila, I wrote this some time ago. I had a feeling you'd really appreciate this, thank you.

Susan Tuttle said...

beautiful poem that is married so well with the gorgeous image:)

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hi Colette!
Wow, I am so happy you found my blog, and me yours- this poem is so beautiful. Ironically so.
My husband flew back to Boston today to be with his dad who is dying, and rapidly. My kids and I had to stay home to get my son situated in middle school next week. It's a tough day. Somehow I felt a sense of peace on your blog- you're an amazing artist and writer! And your blog looks great, you don't need to change a thing!! When I changed my background, I put the code for the new background in the html gadget box, added it to my sidebar, held my breath and prayed I didn't lose everything when I hit save! Thank God it worked! But I don't dare try it again anytime soon!!!
Thanks for saying hello! Much luck and success to you!!!! xOxO deb

Colette George said...

Deb, your note touched my heart so. Life is so sad at times and yet holds so much promise even in the end. It is nothing but our imagination that fails us in our grief. I lost my dad due to a terminal illness some years ago. I gained the sense of a bridge being crossed, in very real terms. Words infused with love and honor is that bridge. Love is the only thing there ever was. It is life iself and the force of flight. I will be saying a prayer for your dear husband and his father and your little family. Love itself is magic and it's why we're here.
Gentlest embrace to you my new friend. Trust and know all is well.
(And, thank you for your perspective on my blog, I appreciate it very much. And also, telling how you changed yours- I can relate to hitting save, holding your breath and saying a prayer :o & thank you for the well wishes.

Colette George said...

WOW Susan, thank you sooo much for that comment- that is HIGH praise given your literally amazing talent and skills. I'm overjoyed!!

icandy... said...

Amazing...... You have quite a way with words!

XOXoxO, Christina said...

What a beautiful Poem! It was wonderful reading it, and I love the photo too!! Suzie. x

icandy... said...

Colette! Miss you, sweet!!! Tell me how you are... can you believe summer has come to an end? (with the exception of the HeAt, of course!!!!) Bethany starts school on Monday...:(... I'm very sad... where did the time go? I want to have CoFfEe with you!!!!!


Colette George said...

Christina, one day we shall get webcams and visit over coffee that way until one of can make a break for it!!
I miss you too!!
hugs, Colette