Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prayers of the people

This is my new little prayer candle block. It's set up in the living room and my way of reminding myself to pray for those I've told I will! You can see strips of tapes with names written. These names represent the people I am now praying for as a result of my online travels. I will be adding strips with new names over top of these. . .as time goes on.

Prayer is such an amazing concept to me. It truly is miraculous. I've found that when I surround any problem with prayer, the energy in it, of it, changes. Significantly. Quietly. Often very quickly. A bigger space is somehow created for unusual change. I've seen it happen far too often to think otherwise. And, believe me, I've been stuck in long stages in my life that were filled with raging disbelief, anger, incredible feelings of being misunderstood and invalidated. And, being told to be positive, for it's own sake, just seemed like a lie to me and an oppressive tool. But bringing prayer and a dogged determination to love is different. I just think it takes a loving creator to build what we've got here. Love seems to be the only thing that endures, and produces life. Anytime I can, through love, give any life producing benefit, then I am assisting in a miracle.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on prayer. The truth in your words brought tears to my eyes and I am so moved that my name is on your prayer papers. Like your personal wailing wall. I love you Colette, you have a beautiful heart.

icandy... said...

Breathtaking, Colette. Please know that just as many people pray for you and yours... powerful and inspiring, are your words. Thank you for thinking of so many, and always keeping those dear to you in your heart.

May God bless you, my dear friend.
Christina OxX said...

Oh colette, what a wonderful post, you have a beautiful spirit and your words are so true and pure. i am so happy to have met you on here!
Suzie! XXX

Michelle said...

Wonderful post and so well put and true!