Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's What Friends Do

Love is not:

or irritable

Does not demand it's own way
or hold grudges.
It's never glad about injustice.

Love is:

Always protects,

It rejoices in the truth
Love never fails,
Keeps no record of wrong
Love Lives on

The Gospel according to philosopher Lauren James.
My dear friend, Lauren James, is a truly amazing person and everyone who knows her deeply respects and admires her. See her on post (scroll down) June 16. Lauren is so global minded and progressive but also knows and appreciates the bible on a level most people can't even imagine, myself included. We have been through some pretty high water together and made it to the other shore. Her understanding and insight in my world is golden. So, in this post today- she is my "guest" blogger! As we discussed modern expression of certain phrasing in these scriptures she remained the final say as to it's truest intent. My first concept of forming an easy to read list of what love is, and what love is not, laid the basis for this. Thank you Lauren, for sharing your insight and passionate care in these interpretations.

3 comments: said...

Hello colette, beautiful post again! My perception of real love is that it asks for nothing in return. When we wish for the other person to fix us, or make us happy, then it is not pure love. Suzie. X :) said...

Hello colette again! I have made an award for a great blog, if you want it you can pick it up from my sidebar! I love your blog, and the way you think too! Suzie :)

Colette George said...

Suzie! thanks for sharing your perspective, I really can see what you mean and always learn something from you. Award?! Did you say Award?! I'll be right but seriously. :0