Friday, August 14, 2009

Falling slowly into you dear

I'm feeling a new wind blowing even though I'm a little reluctant to post anything other than summer things. Summer just never lasts long enough. Lately our August breezes are bringing a decidely September feel. O the coming season of Fall...leaves will soon swirl to the ground, children will be in school learning new things, and people will enjoy homes without the worry and noisy distraction of keeping safe & cool.

I love fall for all it's beauty and for this reason I may be rushing things a little. Still, the loveliness of fall is starting to weave it's magical mossy little fingers around and through my heart compelling me to fall in love with it all over again. And, I am. I am.

4 comments: said...

Isn't a wonderful feeling that you get when autumn, or as you call it over there, fall starts to arrive, it gives you a sense, a smell, a unique feeling which is hard to put into words, but i love it too!!!
Suzie. xx

Colette George said...

HI Suzie, O I love that word autumn! You're SO right. That certain something... romance? magic? a feeling of renewal through letting go? I just love it so much too!!
Hugs to you!

icandy... said...

Love is in the, love love! What a refreshing post, I am sooo ready for the cooler weather! love you, also...

Colette George said...

hugs to you Christina!!!
talk with you soon!