Friday, February 6, 2009

Plastered Peeps Mirror Class

Here's the thing about my Plastered Peeps- they are all gorgeous and truly gifted women in their own right. I'm so proud and humbled.
Queen Shelby Lux- she's the one that started the Plastered Peeps.
(above) The beautiful Donna Ladd

Picture above: I'd like to point out Nancy (Lehrbach) in Pink- She is high- larious! Love her whole philosophy on life.

Picture above: Sandy Remington with her hair in a pony. She is one smart cookie and so pretty. You'll see her in other photos, she's an original Peep.

(above) The vivacious Yvette Fox!

BUT! Heather Bolin? where is the other original Plastered Peep? Did she go awol for these pictures? I'll have to scout around. You must meet Heather- she is a one of a kind, truly loving, smart, heart for kids- sheesh- super creative...on and on! It's disgusting really.

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