Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chandelier 6

Hold one ring with a pair of pliers, place a screwdriver inside the ring right beside it. Twist in opposite directions. This will open up a ring and you can now use that at the top of the chandelier. And, while we're up there- do you notice another wire coming out of the top of the chandelier? (This one without a plastic cover) That's the ground. Now take that wire and bundle it up and lay it back in there by the ring. There is so little electricity flowing through these chandeliers it's ok. Now, if I were adding a plug to something needing a lot more electricity to run it, than I'd have to ground the wire with a bulky plug (hideous really) in which case I'd lay down my bagel now and cry in my coffee. But, like I said my dad was an electrical supervisor, teacher and all around sweetheart and I know this is exactly how he did it.

ok where were we?
Hook that open ring over the ring in the chandelier top and close in similar manner or by hook or by crook. Just get the dang thing closed. Dear lord. It can be a strain and I do apologize for that.

Chandelier top ring in the top center opening: they've all got em- you just don't know they're there until you're a handy dandy ceiling mount chandelier switcher tech.

We shall call this our precious. This is the ring that will take weight off the chandelier electrical cord so that weight can be directly placed on the metal chandelier. Now, doesn't that feel better knowing that the electrical cord isn't trying to do double duty? This is the stuff that helps you sleep at night.
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