Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chandelier 5

Make sure you have enough chain to hang down into oblivion from where you think you may want to hang it. It will likely run down the wall, perhaps behind some curtains. Perhaps behind the dog. I don't know for sure where you'll hang yours from time to time but make sure you've got enough to drape from it's hook on the ceiling, back to a corner at least. You may or maynot have enough in the box that came with- chances are you'll need to get more. Run, don't walk to your recycle center.

Thread the wire cording through the chain at intervals of 2, or 3 or 4 links...whatever.
Using chain not only dresses up the cord (my friend and Style Maven extraordinaire Laurie Cleveland hates the look of chain so she covers them with a silk casing that can be slipped over when we're done - and I'd bet with a pretty please she'd make you one.) but the chain gives your chandelier more support. The weight of your chandelier isn't resting soley on the cord- a big no no.

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