Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loved these from Pottery Barn but Deb and I made our own.

Before example

Add after:
Pottery Barn had a similar version and loved them but they were 199. (and approx. 240.+ for the next size up.) & Don't even want to guess what shipping is. Since we have a woodstove the logs were from our wood pile.
We made these by sanding them down extensively with an electric sander & brushing with a high gloss varnish. Deb's had all the bark off. I left some of mine on and sanded that too. The log rounds could've have dried more & many would probably prefer them to be seasoned as they split if they are brought in while still "wet". But I didn't mind that and like the effect. I've also thought of adding something to the crack- maybe lead or maybe just leave it alone. Nature does what it does, that's ok with me. 'Perty sweet huh? "Pottery Barn don't have anything over this barn" lol.

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