Thursday, February 12, 2009

Easy How to: Switch a Ceiling Mount Chandelier to Plug-In Style

It's your very own moveable feast.

Move your chandelier outdoors, or to a cozy little area in your office or behind a chair in a little reading nook. Keep your home fresh by moving things, it energizes the space.

You won't believe how EASY this is to do. I'd surfed so many times looking for step by step photos of the process but never could find any so I'm including it here because I know a lot of you would like to know how this is done. My dad was an electrician so I knew it could be done. (I should have paid more attention when he did this!) But! I'm not a certified electrician like he was so proceed knowing this.

Questions were asked and research was done for things I was concerned with and happily I share here for your enrichment. Just make sure you're not wanting to plug a huge electrical sucker. The chandelier here is fairly large and takes 8- 25 watt bulbs.

You'll need:

screw drivernippers or electrical wire strippers,

a shiny new plug.

an ex-treee chain long enough to use and hang down into obscurity.

a leash for the dog

You may need someone to run and get things for you like- a cup of coffee, a Thomas muffin, things of that nature.

CDs to work by, I suggest:
"Workin on a Dream"
"That's the night the lights went out in Georgia"
"I Light up my Life"

(You may or may not need xtra chain in addition to what's comes with your ceiling mount chandelier.)

Make sure you'll have enough chain to hang down into oblivion from where you think you may want it. It will likely run down the wall, perhaps behind some curtains. Perhaps behind the dog. I don't know for sure where you may want to move yours from time to time but make sure you've got enough to drape from it's hook on the ceiling, back to a corner and down the wall. Chances are you'll need to get more. If so, get down to that recycle center pronto.

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