Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chandelier 9

Now, would you look at that? This charming little picture below has resurfaced so soon. You know why? . . .cause we're dang near done. Slip that black thingy back up over your plug that now has the wires attached and screw those little screws back in.

Now plug it in. What do you think?!

I suspect your face will light up just like the chandelier. Now, isn't that something? Congratulations! Now when the man starts to give you hell for something- you remember what you're capable of.

Like Monkeys to a flame so are we to a Chandelier- Enjoy!

Now about those snacks. . . someone has been very patient (yah, that's what we'll tell ourselves)

Until next time - keep your lovelight shining :)

disclaimer: No responsibility is assumed through the sharing of these instructions.

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