Friday, March 5, 2010

Of a mind to recycle

Talk about baggage! It's time for this baggage to move on. . .
The driver of this truck told me the recycled tin compacted and placed here are
5'x 4' blocks each one weighing 2300 lbs! They are removed using an enormous magnet that can pull 6 blocks at a time from the bed of this truck.

I was kindof unprepared for the bad smell emanating. (Why was I surprised?)

Sometimes I think serious circumstances that enter our lives are like the enormous magnet- removing tons of garbage and " stinkin thinkin" in a fairly fell swoop.

I'm thinking it may seem things take too long to recover from, or to endure, but I have to wonder if a grand recycle is taking place transforming us into something less destructive to ourselves and our environments.

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