Saturday, March 6, 2010

See Yourself Sainted in 2010 Cortona, Italy!!

Lisa Bebi and I will be teaching in Italy this September! Doesn't this look like fun? Read all about it and all fun details by clicking on the Sainted picture on the sidebar or by pasting in your browser. Literally this is going to be a blast! You'll learn excellent techniques you just won't learn anywhere else from the master and originator of the paint-over method St. Lisa Bebi herself, known for an enthusiastic, edgy approach to teaching. Lisa has been winning awards and recognition for her work, but so have many of her former workshop attendees! One thing is certain it will be hilarious!

This highly sought after instructor is incredibly talented and makes each class something very special and unique. No doubt many of you here will recognize Lisa Bebi since she has been Artist On Call for Somerset Studios with literally countless projects published in all their magazines like Somerset Home, Somerset Apronolgy, Somerset Life, Memories, etc. etc. etc. It truly does go on and on! Lisa teaches annually in Italy and in her local San Diego area. Check out her blog I will be teaching creating crumbling substrates rendering the appearance of aged walls, collage and edging techniques to replace framing, and we'll be using my canvas kits for other exciting projects as well.

You'll learn what is "OK" to use in your art without asking permission and what might be questionable-- and how to get permission or how to get around asking.

This Sept 18-25 Italy workshop is a truly lovely time planned specifically for the magnificent weather for traipsing around Cortona and gathering objects d'art and photos for class - one of kind foreign findings. St. Lisa is a scream and together we pray we'll avoid arrest by the Italian po po. There will be laughing and making gorgeous art. Give this workshop serious consideration- it truly will be a once in a lifetime event and not something you'll want to miss.

In the meantime we'll both be teaching in San Diego in April at the Escondido Arts Gallery. April 24Th. ph. Escondido Arts 760-480-4101.I'll also be teaching at The Stamp Addict the 23rd. update: Stamp Addict is being rescheduled perhaps for May. Will likely be adding other locations along the way to utilize my drive time well (have been trying to do this for the last 3 months) and fully enjoy the trip from Oregon to sunny southern California!

And while I'm thinking about it here is the number for the Stamp Addict: 619-667-5060 to learn more. or email Jennifer Zuorrow Van Pelt at

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