Saturday, March 20, 2010

Minding Hope CHA 2010

This is a picture of Jenny Doh and I from CHA last month. Jenny is the founder and president of Crescendoh, an online media publishing company with Crescendoh Radio & TV coming.

A large part of Crescendoh is Art Saves, for which I am a Curator. My story will go live on the 22nd of March. I will be sharing my story of how art saved me and I'll also be sharing sites that I've found useful and inspiriring in design or lifestyle, or both.

There are many wonderful elements to Crescendoh and it's a really fun and inspiring place to visit. Jenny's heart comes through again and again as an advocate for the less fortunate and disenfranchised. (Be sure to check out the many wonderful products for sale with generous portions going to charity.) You won't be dissappointed, I promise.

Special thanks to Dorie Barrett for taking the picture.

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