Friday, March 19, 2010

Easy Tiger, it takes two

Sometimes this is just how it feels. There is a sweet but oh so lonely sadness to this song. It does seem to hit the nail squarely on the head for any one of us at some point in our lives. Loneliness is a common problem. This became so clear to me recently after being removed from my safe little world of ease and comfort while watching my son and his significant other break up. The fact that our 2 yr old grandson is involved has been heart wrenching. I've been finding that processing an avalanche is just plain hard work. Perhaps there have been some missteps along the way. The transformative power of the imagination, not only for the joy and enrichment of our daily lives, but also for the creation of large miracles is something so accessible and yet, at times can be damn elusive.

Imagination's free wheeling ways are an absolute must for miracle building.

A man filled with angst and deliberate defensiveness is powerless to make miracles until a place of faith, in the midst of the storm, can be accepted and claimed again. Fractured from the does seem as if we're called, by and large, to overcome our fractured spirits. Faith is the main, necessary ingredient. But, grace is also a necessary ingredient. Grace proves itself as forgiveness for anything, and everything.

Creating a more loving relationship with others (albeit eventually) we may need to be healed. So, there is a decision to be made. Shall I walk on water and believe? In other words, am I going to believe, in spite of the unhappiness I know I can be capable of?

Can I surf the tide of recriminations and sadness to see a way to the other peaceful shore? It takes two.

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