Saturday, March 20, 2010

We say Art Saves! What Say You?

Here's a little picture taken by Jenny Doh of Crescendoh recently at the CHA show in LA. Art Saves! And HOW?!


icandy... said...

I say... that YOU are a dream come true!!! I miss and love you so much... how are things going for you?
Spring has sprung and guess what we have here?!?! About 5 inches of snow +drifts!!! It started last night. UgH... we just had our windows open during the first of last week~ it was absolutely gorgeous!!!! I feel so sad for all of those little birdies and green sprouts!!
You, love, are definitely THE lady to promote Art Saves! How beautiful and inspiring!!! You are GORGEOUS!!!
May God bless you, sweet "M",
Christina :)))

Colette George said...

Ahhhh hugs! To quote my dad " I'll give you 10 minutes to stop." Lol. It's people like you that give so generously- it makes such a difference in this world.
Shine on bright star.

Love and Hugs my global buddy, :)