Thursday, March 18, 2010

As Luck Would Have It

"Congrats! We have picked your name to receive one of the Hambly Wallets. We hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by our booth at CHA." What a fun surprise to get my notification by email that this fun little wallet was on it's way. It's cute, don't ya think? And, they do have the cutest wall decals with birds, chandeliers and wood grain images. Right up my alley and right in my mailbox! Fun, huh?!

When I was a kid I won a can of paint. (In retrospect it seemed to hearken to my future vocation.) To this 8 year old, the store owner offered a Hawaiian poster instead, much to my delight. :)

When it comes to winning, my name's not often drawn out of the hat. But, winning is a matter of perception and thankfulness. Renewing appreciations for all that seems to come carelessly our way, often after dodging emotional landmines of bitterness and anger, will motivate us to transfigure the negatives into something beautiful through imagination and creativity if we allow our true nature of love to respond. This is the surest way to feel lucky and be surrounded by loving kindness and care. I always picture a train with two sets of tracks parallel to each other. One set will show you the landscape of fear and darkness, the other of love and light. We are so much more than our circumstances, or the predicaments we may find ourselves in. We are human beings, the masterpiece of God's creation. We are not nearly as helpless to transform negatives as many of us have been inclined to imagine, or been lead to believe.


icandy... said...

You are lucky... because, you are such a blessed and beautiful woman! Love you, Colette!!

Barbara Jean said...


Just came by to see your place, and thank you for visiting mine.

I am in Oregon too. Eugene.

Where era you??

blessings and see you again soon.

barbara jean