Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy to Help

I wish I coud type stories faster- the typos will make your eyes bleed. But I'll tell one- and I may as well do it here. The very talented and new friend Bet Corsaut encouraged me to share this story.

When we got our lab (1 year old see picture above) I wanted to walk her to burn her energy (and shoot-let's got real, I need it) I tried every leash, collar, snack trick (which totally got out of hand- can you picture a streaming snack line for 2 miles) I tied everything I could think of for a doable walking experience. My indulgent husband would hear me talk of it day in and day out. (did you know that Labs have steel pipes for necks) she literally pulled me down the street- which, as you might imagine, is just not that elegant.
After commiserating with several people I was given the advice to buy her a backpack and place 2 or 4 water bottles in the side pouches to slow her down- theoretically to keep her from pulling so hard on the leash, tucker hor out etc. etc. fast forward- my husband and I traveled out of town and, at one point were were approaching the mall to do some shopping. As we got out of the car I told my husband- "oh, don't let me forget- I need to get a backpack for the dog"
He turned to me and said- Cooter (his nickname fpor me) Cooter, if you think for one second I'm going to cart that 70 pound dog around on my back you must be out of your mind


Lonna said...

That is a hilarious story Colette! I can just imagine Ted toting around a big black lab, tongue lolling out of his mouth enjoying the ride!

Colette George said...

I know it!! Isn't it a funny visual? This would kill me when I laid in bed at night, just crackin me up over and over.
I think I'll post another Ted story soon. . .
never a shortage of fodder- sometimes it's like pickin fruit

~debbie said...

ROFL! Bet was right, glad you shared that. Thanks!

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

HAHAHAHAA!! Too funny! I discovered the same thing about slowing them down. I got Indy his because in this family, everyone carries their own stuff. We hike alot and I figure hauling gear for a dog seemed silly if he could so it himself.

As for the pulling, two things. First NEVER get those stupid telescoping leashes-those only reinforce the pulling behaviour.

Second, we got a harness that the leash clips in at the front of the chest. This means that when Indy pulls, he pulls his own shoulder around sideways and it's annoying to him. It naturally makes him stop pulling me. This is SUPER important because he's 65 lbs. of pure muscle and I have MS and no feeling in my hands. It's painful for me to be yanked so he simply cannot do it.

The brand of his harness is called "Sense"ation. I got it from our trainer and it was $20 CDN. I've only had to buy the one ecause he never outgrew it and it's stood up well.

Your dog is gorgous and looks so much like Indy! I just adore black Labs.

P.S. THe sick thing is there are packs like you would hold a baby in on your chest made for dogs. Can you imagine someone toting a dog this way? It's insane! WHo does that?

Colette George said...

I loved your advice and it's worked for me!! I can't believe it!! thanks for the informative note. Labs truly are so sweet.

hugs to you. Hope things are well for you!