Monday, May 11, 2009

things like this just happen

Kindof reminds me that sometimes everything will be going along all right and then the next thing you know- everything is upside down- ahh well, such is life.
It's all about learning to see life from yet another perspective. btw, isn't that paint yummy looking? Like a nice dessert in the makings. And, for me, I suppose it is. Buffet cabinet is about done and will post the progress next. Lovin' it big time!

I'm seeing a blogger scheduled outage note- hopefully that won't get in my way today.

Oh & Yippee! My bracelet bases for etching just arrived a few minutes ago. I can't wait to get movin on that. Have never done it before but I'm super excited about all the possibilites. Unfortunately sterling is so expensive right now. Limiting anything I want to do is just a hard pill to swallow and I usually avoid it at all costs. But new perspectives again. And, in all seriousness, having a parameter, as an artist, can be a very good thing and help me on my way.

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