Saturday, May 9, 2009

Retro Workover

This cabinet I love just exactly like this- sanded and abrased (but with it's drawers that are outside at the moment this was taken) but I've promised it elsewhere so it's final look is chocolate brownish black to match a leather headboard. The choc/ black will be a nice retro color as well as contemporary but I'm growing more and more fond of things in their near original states. Say la vie- it will be gorgeous duded up with a pristine gray trim at the drawer tops under the pull edges. There has been talk of adding just a few other painted atomic embellishements (left justified) once the bedding is chosen. Thinking a dark salmon, cream, retro blue there- if it works out. This is in priming stages right now. Had to slow production on it since some new designs for Krylon was just requested yesterday.

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