Tuesday, March 17, 2009

thanks everyone!

I just want to say thank you to the gals at my bucket class! I had a blast and everyone else seemed to enjoy the class as much as I did. My only regret is that I haven't gotten my new replacement camera yet. The buckets turned out gorgeous! But, then again, they always do. My students are so smart. I had a feeling this class was going to be fun and it was. When I got to the class I realized that I'd left the correct size of napkins in my studio. Rather than running back home I called my husband and convinced him he needed to disregard personal hygiene and bring my napkins.
Poor guy (yah right) entered the room to a round of applause. That was a personal highlight moment. I LOVE teasing him. (When I can't sleep he accuses me of trying to win oscars at 4:00 am)
Next class is Wed. canvas class with plaster paint, stain etc. Hopefully will have pictures for you from that! Remember - Hooligans always welcome!


Michelle said...

can't wait to see the pictures!

Colette George said...

oh hey Michelle- Belinda will be calling you! EVERYONE IS enjoying my new ring- including the popo that pulled me over. God bless him for giveng me a warning. ANd, actually we had a nice conversation. I'm kindof getting to know him...you could say we've talked on the street a few times.
zall good. talk soon! hugs