Monday, March 23, 2009

Love's the Only House

This house will be in the new online magazine I just signed on with as columnist. (I'll provide a link soon)

I've been lamenting the death of my camera (I'm past the shock stage thinking I'm moving into the anger stage) Amanda has been good enough to lend me her camera but it's taking a lot of getting used to. As soon as I got the camera from her I downloaded a manual for settings etc. It's just such a different animal. In the meantime I'm narrowing my search for cameras.
I've been shooting my Wedding Cake Topper House- and am going to work more today on some shots. The next and subsequent issues will signify a major change to the magazine and the caliber of designs available there. It's now under new editorship and several great designers have just signed on as columnists. Keeping my fingers crossed that the cheese factory is closed and now upscale designs will rule the domain!
This rigid paper house is similar to ones featured in my "Coming Home" spread in Somerset Studios but with some really interesting differences; A picture of the couple, invitations and napkins from the wedding are used.

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