Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Camera talk

Getting close to making my final camera decision: Sony or Olympus. The Olympus I was using until Pearl knocked it off my desk is no longer cooperating. Velcro and holding my tongue just right will only take me so far. Still it's hard to let it go.

I won't buy Canon. Nice products but their return upgrade program is a candy coated scam used to mask their "built in obsolescence" approach. I decided not to buy Canon again when I got my new computer and my 4 year old Canon Multipass 350 printer wouldn't sync. I thought at first it was a Vista glitch but after exhaustive research it turns out it was Canon's deliberate decision not to interface. I'm back to using my 9 year old HP printer that we got with our first PC & Windows 98 (!) It works beautifully for pictures and will do until I get another multi-function printer for the other capabilities I need.

Here is an excellent link to a site that has made comprehensive comparisons between cameras with comparative shots of the same scenes taken with each camera by the reviewer. Seeing the distinct differences this way was so helpful. This site is extremely useful in sifting through all the camera options:


CarrieJ said...

my buddy across the street just got the Canon 50D and she is loving it so far. The only reason I was leaning toward Canon or Nikon after having the Olympus is because of the difference in lens pricing. It seems like the Olympus lenses are out of this world expensive! Not that it really matters since I don't think I have a new camera coming in the near future :)
Good luck on your decision!

colette said...

Thank you Carrie. I think I've made my decision and understand your thinking. I've been finding more and more that the Canon's are setting the standard- generally speaking. But (given my past experience with Canon)I've decided on a Sony DSCH50. It's lens has a great reputation, you should check it out. The price is really reasonable.
Thanks for the note. Colette