Monday, April 19, 2010

Destination Spring

Spring! The colors, the vibrant and energetic possibilities renew the mind and enlarge my imagination yet again. Gray matter infused with color, doesn't that seem perfect?

Do you ever wonder just how little we use our imaginations compared to the innate, resident possibilities?

Here's what I'm saying. Let love be the driver.


icandy... said...

what a sweet motorbike~ the basket is the best part!! funny, i just bought two at a yeard sale...i plan to hang them on my studio wall for storage!
love that photo!!!

Colette George said...

How cute, I can just see it Michelle- how charming! These cutie pa scooters :) make a statement, don't they? Cheerful, mobile, carefree and gentle. And, that woven basket! crazy adorable. This picture was taken at Healthy Kids Day at my local YMCA. A little girl must've ridden up with other family members and parked it there.