Monday, April 12, 2010

Broken Wag

The other night I awakened to the sound of our dog Pearl whimpering. Soon it became apparent her tail was droopy and she was in some pain. Driving that late hour on the Internet highway revealed she has what's called "Broken Wag" I found there are several contributing factors creating this condition, one of which is overwagging! It seems to happen to labs mostly, and other sporting dogs. A buffeted aspirin was the easy remedy and it seems to behelping quite a bit. She's getting better.

Double entendre isn't lost on me however. My pneumonia is going away but some days it really doesn't seem to have changed since before beginning my round of antibiotics. Other days, I feel entirely normal making it perplexing when I relapse. I AM grateful for the knowledge I've gained thru it. My biggest lesson is: sometimes doing for others holds them back, while also causing injury to ourselves. God bless the broken wag.

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Michelle said...

OOOOOOOHHHHH Poor Pearl!!!! I can just imagine her still trying to wag it when you approached her to see what the problem was. Poor pup! Hope she is better and glad you are finally on the mend too!

Colette George said...

She is all better from that but now is soooo itchy! It looks like a visit to the vet tomorrow will likely be in order. I've tried things but nothing seems to be working. Quite a time for Lil' Miss Pearl. But you know how Labs are, pretty unflappable.
We have poison oak on our property so maybe that's it.??
And, I am doing very well, thank you so much. Pneumonia kept hanging on but it's much much better now. YOu must be well too- YAAAAY for us!! Hugs,