Sunday, March 28, 2010

Regarding Comments

I was told there have been problems commenting on here. It's all fixed now. I'm really bummed about this but a good number of you have been stopping by my facebook page, and I do appreciate that! Love to get feedback. I was kindof suspicious something was amiss when my story ran on Art Saves and there has been increased traffic on here as a result. Comments are encouraged and always welcome.

On a similar unrelated note a special shout out goes to my friend Lola Morales. She has helped get my google reader feed back on track. I am so grateful, thank you Lola. Lola has a really great site I'd recommended along with my Art Saves Story on the crescendoh site ( called Sacred Curiosities check it out:


Lola M. said...

Anytime, Colette. So glad everything is back on track now! said...

I thought I would try now, and drop by to give you my love. suzie xxx

Colette George said...

:) Lola!
Suzie, thank you for dropping off that package, of your love! I'm sending it back to you now!
I need to hop and see what you've got cookin yourself. Some Kee-ute designs I know. Love those sweet illustations- what about a childrens book Suzie, given it any thought?

Halo Hill said...

Beautiful post, Collette! Thank you.