Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas- although much belated!

I invite all who follow here on my blog to join me as friends on Facebook. I don't turn anyone down- why would I?! (Although I did have to let one person, with very questionable motives, go.)

My attempts to post videos of homes I've been decorating for Christmas from my computer very difficult. I've uploaded a few videos and plan to do so in the future but I'm finding that posting videos on facebook quite simple. (Even if they do take about a half an hour to transfer.)Consider becoming a facebook friend for the latest informations.


Daniel J North said...

Colette, ma nouvelle ami,

You know my inmost thoughts on your "Cathedral of Dreams". It is naught else but a site touched by the hand of God! How thankful I am to have found it, and to now call you friend, nay rather, friend of my heart. May the Lord belss you and keep you, and may He always be your confidence!


icandy... said...

You know that I'll follow you anywhere!