Monday, December 28, 2009

These are pictures from a home I decorate each year. This client is also someone I've known for many years- I went to school with her son. Usually older music will play as I decorate and I will head right down the lane of nostalgia taking me back to the old school days. It makes the loss of my own mother's presence a little easier and I relish my time spent here. She is also the same person that has 3 storage places for her stuff. She has an amazing eye for beauty and is quite creative herself. The beautiful things she aquires at after Christmas sales etc. is what I work with along with the many years of aquired beauties. This year I didn't want to leave her home when it was done.

(I've posted videos of this home on facebook.)


icandy... said...

My dear Colette,
That home is truly breathtaking~ no wonder she invites you in to make her holidays elegant each year!
I hope that you had a beautiful Christmas, sweet...sending wishes for a New year blessed with love and happiness!
Love you!

Michelle said...

All I can say is {sigh}!

Colette George said...

Thanks Christine, your place is magical too, pure loveliness. Can you imagine us together decorating- oH my word! TOO FUN!

Colette George said...

Thank you so much Michelle.