Saturday, November 7, 2009

A little Elf Help

Have you ever read the little Elf Help books? These are miraculous and wonderful little gems written for children. And adults! These little books are profoundly simple in their grace and wisdom. I've given them as gifts and kept many to be passed along when others may need them. There are numerous Elf Help books written specifically geared toward scenarios, such as how to handle grief, loneliness, depression etc.

Some titles are:
When your Grandparent Dies
Sad isn't Bad- A good grief guidebook for kids dealing with loss
When Mom and Dad Divorce
Help is Here for Facing Fear
Saying Goodbye Saying Hello - When your family is moving
Be the Star That You Are- a book for Kids who feel different
When Bad Things Happen- a guide to help kids cope.
and many many more.

When I visit the Abbey near Mt. Angel I'll pick some up. Check them out. They are very inexpensive and available at Amazon. I love having them around reminding me of the incredibly wise truths each of them embody.


Anne~fiona and twig said...

I have read those books, they're wonderful. I work as a therapist in a hospital, and I give them to some of my patients.
I just discovered your terrific blog, so very nice to meet you!
All the best,

Lorraine said...

Came upon your wonderful blog yesterday, really lovely, hope to get to visit more :)

Colette George said...

Thank you Anna for your comments. My apologies for taking so long to reply. Christmas is such a busy time for me.

What a really great idea- sharing the books as you do!! So happy to hear that and I'm so very pleased to meet you too.
Take care,

Colette George said...

Lorraine, please forgive my late commenting. Christmas is my busiest time of year and it's a race at times. Thank you for your lovely comment. Sharing things and knowing that others find a resonance is the most wonderful feeling. Thank you Lorraine.

Best to you,