Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank You

This toast seen here in the second picture is made by impressing a metal cross (the same as used in the sand above) into the soft white bread and then toasting the bread. It then becomes dressing and is baked. Consciously infusing a physical act of creating into this meal of Thanksgiving completes the process for me.


Lola M. said...

This is so beautiful Colette, a lovely intention. I've been missing your posts in Google Reader, I thought you've been absent. The last post in my reader is from 10/11. I've unsubscribed and subscribed again but it's still not updating. Any ideas?

Colette George said...

HI Lola, thank you.

I don't know a thing about google reader but now I'm curious. I'd like to check it out. If I find out anything pertinent, I'll let you know. Hope your Christmas season is going really well. Love love love your stuff. Stopped by and saw the lovely pendants, simply gorgeous!
Best to you my like minded friend.:)

icandy... said...

This is very special, Colette! I miss and love you, sweet!
I hope that you are doing great and not keeping too busy!
Happy December!