Sunday, October 4, 2009

The view from here

There is something about a warming view when there is a chill all around. This little electric fireplace doesn't emit heat but for some reason it does seem to warm me and make me feel ever so cozy. It makes little crinkling noises just like a fire would, I love that. This sound is inventively created by a slowly spinning metallic brush sweeping against a bumpy plastic shield behind the "logs". The surrounding mantle and hearth is fiberglass made to look like stone, sheer whimsy. There is something so innocent, so childlike, in it's invention. I think I love these because they seem to reflect the warm heart of the creator.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated because there is precious little time to create a tree for ourselves when Christmas is at hand, due to my work. I love Christmas so, decorating a tree early- well, that's OK too. And, well, maybe that's the real reason why it was up in August. . .can't say for sure. Christmas warms my heart all year.


icandy... said...

Good morning, cutie! You know, I have a small silver tree in my art room that stays out all year and is decorated only in pink..... :) I'll take a snapshot to show you! Everything looks beautiful, Colette you have such a beautiful space!
Love u!

Flo said...

Beautiful and I wish I were there just sitting by the fireplace with coffee in hand... Love the tree and you are right there would be no time for you to put up a tree with your schedule....What a great time of the year when you are so creative... said...

Hello Colette, It all looks so cosy and welcoming! I have a real fire, and I am st near it now, in England it is beginning to get chilly, and I am coming down with a cold! Feeling fluey today, so the sight of your gorgeous warm room has cheered me! Suzie. x