Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Design Techniques and Applications: Escondido Class

SEE ABOVE for crackling effects added to Escondido class.
For Escondido students here is more information regarding the upcoming class at the Escondido Art Gallery (EAP/EMG) May 22nd, 12-3:00pm. 262 E. Grand Ave. 760-480-4101 Below are just a few pictures of the many techniques we'll be convering. Come prepared to learn lots of very cool and brand new techniques.

For Escondido I've added one additional and a very special technique: my much requested "DEEP FISSURE CRACKLING!" tech. You won't want to miss this one- worth the class alone. This Escondido class will be a preliminary preview of my special technique to be taught in Italy with Lisa Bebi in Sept 2010.

Below are a few pictures showing just a few of the other techniques to be shared in Escondido. (I simply have to get better about getting pictures!)

Most techniques are from my published designs. Often I'm asked to teach these and I'm happy that my schedule is now allowing me to do so. I'd like to say a big Thank You to Lisa Bebi for introducing me to Renee Richetts of Escondido Arts. I'm honored to meet and share with the talented artists in Escondido.

Here are the techniques to be shared: "PEELING FISSURE CRACKLING!"(ADDED for Escondido)"Packing Tape Transfers", "Paper towel & Wet Copy Transfer" "Magazine Solution Transfers" "Aging Photo Techniques Transfers", "Edging & Rubs", "Easy webbing", "Texturizing with dimensional mediums", "2nd, Generation Transfers, Linen fx" "Gel medium as use glue &", "Aged Mrror Effect on Glass","Paint Speckling". Other techniques and aging recipe will be shared if there is time. Students will take home a finished project showcasing techniques learned.

BELOW Packaging Tape Transfer Bird on Paint Speckled background.

PIctured above is Paper Towel Transfer done by Carolyn Ireland.

In this class the ladies decided to make something even though it was a "techniques" class. This piece is using two of the many techniques shown. Packaging tape transfer is one, (the bird) the other two shown are a Paper Towel transfers and "Wet Copy transfer"

Pictured below is Pam Landel's work. A fun "Make and Take" using a few of the techniques in class. She liked this class so much she took it twice and wound up with two make and takes. This is one of them.