Monday, May 4, 2009

Momma's Little Dynamo

Finally stopped raining so I could uncover this and snap it. Can't bring it in until something else goes out. Fortunately the piece that's going out is almost done. But I love it too! I got it bad, real bad. (Wish the picture were more focused for ya. New sony and I'm having trouble with the FOCUS - of all things!)
Today I'll be spending the day at Treasures of the Heart working on display. Lots of really fun bird stuff came in so that will be fun. I'll get pictures.
My dear friend Tonia Davenport invited me to work on a collaborative jewelry project for sale on Etsy. Proceeds will go to A place to Bark- a non-profit organization working to help abused and homeless dogs. Bernie Berlin owns this endeavor and you will never meet a bigger saint. This gal does the down and dirty work of it all. Her spirit, well she is incredible.
And, do you facebook? We do. Check us out...
I'll be working on a few step outs for a project that's been done for a few months now. "Coffee Rings Apron" Sharon from Krylon told me it's going to be in this is magazine: Today’s Creative HomeArts, the largest circulation craft magazine. However, you won’t find it on the newsstands. It’s sold as a part of a club membership, and only club members receive the magazine. But do check out the website though, it's very active.
I'll be posting pictures from the latest techniques class soon. Pam took the class again and brought us the finished project from the last class. She is inspiring, I'm so glad she's in the neighborhood. (check out her Bead Mecca site on the left sidebar) I gotta run now- Hugs to all my shy friends.

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