Friday, May 1, 2009

hummm. . . something to check out

This looks interesting . . . gorgeous cover.
Came across this magazine today (and May 1st.- had no idea it was such a big time for this organization and fairy culture.
Today am also putting the finishing touches on the indiepublic interview and printing pictures for my techniques class tomorrow. One of the things students will be learning is how to make transfers with paper towels. This techniques is so fun, instant gratification and soooo easy- it's unreal. It just occured to me this minute that I should have taken a picture of a previous transfer so you all could see. Will try to do that at class and show that along with other things from the class. Check back soon for this and other updates. There are some fun things coming with the use of totally inexpensive green materials translated into many pieces of art for the home. Stay tuned!

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